Our spiraling downward progression toward progressivism‏ by Dan Short

I find it interesting that in our lives. We experience moments that are wonderful and yet bittersweet at the same time. Today I experienced just such a thing.


I have a granddaughter that is in the fourth grade. She is an exceptional academic student. Her ability to write; and her insights are pretty amazing. The research she does for a fourth grader is impressive for a college student, let alone a fourth grader.

She had written a story of her research on chimpanzees. My son of course being a good father reviewed her article. He was very impressed with her article until he got to the final sentence. What she had written; that the greatest danger to chimpanzees was man.

Now the one thing that my son knew was she hadn’t found such insanity in any of her research. Thus realizing the last thing creating danger for chimpanzees is man. Realizing that his daughter also knew this; my son questioned her, did she really believe that was true?


Now here’s where the story turns bittersweet; she said of course I know man is not the danger to chimpanzees. Then she continued, I just put that in there for my teacher.


How sad that we live in a world today where the indoctrination of this cultural communism, their eco radicalism, and their contempt for our government has permeated every segment of our society. When we realize that in this nation we understood that public education was important and as such there were two specific areas where children were taught; one they needed to understand our government as without educated citizens, we could not manage having a government of the people. The other thing we realize is that without a moral and just population. To those without these values our Constitution, as Madison told us, had no value and as such the concepts of the Protestant religion were taught to all.


To emphasize the insanity of this scenario, it reminded me of a conversation that I had this Sunday with a schoolteacher. She was telling a story of what they teach about Africa. Explaining that the history of Africa is the white man exploiting the people; with little regard that without the capitalistic investment of the white man to procure resources Africa today would still be the dark continent it is; without any modern conveniences.


How difficult it is to realize that in this nation we once understood that people had to know the culture, they had to assimilate into the society of the community. Today our children are being indoctrinated into an ideology that is this foreign to our design as anything that could exist.

Whenever you hear a politician speak, ask them what are we going to do to preserve the culture and the ideals of this nation? The days that we can just sit and accept what is happening to us must be stopped. We have allowed the infection of cultural communist takeover our academic environment, into the very foundations of this nation. There is no way to coexist with people of this ideology. We preserve America or we will become a nation of darkness where the last flickering flame of liberty is extinguished; and our future so bleak we will shall be as Europe, and all other socialistic environments where the tomorrow of the future, and dreams are nonexistent.


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