Straus Isn’t Signing Pledge from AFP’s Peggy Venable‏ by James Clements

Even Lt. Gov. Dewhurst came out in suppoert of Gov, Perry’s Spending Limits ! Please lets vote Joe out of office, he is only in it to line his own pockets with his gambling deal!


Speaker Straus Isn’t Signing Pledge in favor of Spending Limits; Republican Party Platform advocates for it (as does AFP)mer


While Lt Gov David Dewhurst has embraced Gov. Perry’s TEXAS BUDGET COMPACT, it has been reported by the Dallas Morning News that Speaker Joe Straus refused to sign a pledge proposed by Governor Rick Perry that would support spending limits in the state of Texas, stating he doesn’t sign pledges and “I don’t know about the pledge, whether it’s a good idea or not.”
Americans for Prosperity isn’t partisan, but it would be expected that we could determine an elected official’s position based on their party platform.
It is truly disheartening to see Speaker of the Texas House refuse to commit to not only an issue that Americans for Prosperity has been advocating for years, but an important piece of the Republican Party of Texas Platform. (Speaker Straus is a Republican.)

Page 24 of the Republican Party of Texas 2010 Platform reads as follows:
“Fiscal Responsibility – We urge state and federal legislators to reduce spending. We also support a “cap” on government spending at all levels, with adjustments based only on inflation and population change.”
What are your thoughts on his failure to commitment to keeping the increase in spending in the state of Texas proportionate to the increase in population and inflation? Texas is a growing state and this won’t cut spending, but cut the growth in spending.

Texans for Joe Straus today issued the following statement in response to Governor Perry’s Texas Budget Compact announcement:
“Speaker Straus not only agrees with the principles outlined in Governor Perry’s compact but also has delivered results on them, leading the House to balanced, no-new taxes budgets, preserving a strong Rainy Day fund and being one of the only legislators ever to lead efforts to abolish a tax once it had served its purpose. Republicans in the Texas House believe in low taxes and limited and efficient government and hope the Governor will join them in fighting for greater transparency in all aspects of government. The Texas House is also developing an opportunity agenda to encourage innovation, improve education, meet transportation, water and other infrastructure needs, attract manufacturing jobs and support a positive economic climate for a stronger future for Texas. Speaker Straus has a long-standing policy of not signing pledges; his pledge is to keep his commitments to and provide quality representation for the constituents of District 121 and the people of Texas.”
AUSTIN—Today (April 17, 2012), Lt. Governor David Dewhurst issued the following statement regarding the Texas Budget Compact proposed by Governor Rick Perry:
“Governor Perry and I have worked closely over the last nine years to limit the size of government and balance the budget without raising taxes on Texas taxpayers. The budget objectives proposed by Governor Perry will reinforce the fiscally conservative principles that Republicans lawmakers have used, and will continue to use, to control spending and keep Texas’ budget balanced long into the future.”

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Jim Clements
“ does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds..” – Samuel Adams

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