Decline or Decadence?‏ by Victor Davis Hanson from Dan Short


This morning while reading the news, an article I read in National Review caught my attention.

Now you can reference the article, and there is one reply comment I read that was so to the point, in so many areas—I just felt obligated to share.

I know not who this person who calls themselves Voltaire is; but his insight is so marvelous; it’s something we can all learn from.

Hope you take the time to “think” about what he says.

In my background—the reality is, our path is the design of Antonio Gramsci, right down the letter—but perhaps you’ll see it more clearly in his words.

Decline or Decadence?
America is suffering from a lack of mastery over its own riches.

By Victor Davis Hanson



I’m afraid that Dr. Hanson has touched mainly on the symptoms of our decline, not on the causes. Sure, he has mentioned a vague “moral confusion,” but there is much more to that. Our decline coincides with the overall decline of the West, although of course not all nations decline in all aspects at the same rate.

It started after WWII, and was then precipitated by the Vietnam war and the 1960’s revolutions. I lay the blame squarely on the suicidal pessimism towards Western culture that the events I have just mentioned have (respectively) brought about, intensified and ingrained in our social conscience. This pessimism has in turn been the perfect host–I would even say the catalyst–for the virus of Marxism (alive and well since at least the days of FDR), and its many mutations of racialism, historical revisionism, radical feminism, environmentalism and a host of other -isms that we can easily see all around us. Let’s stay with America and see how this has played out.


One of the first victims was academia—and this is downright tragic. Suddenly, the culturally-masochistic ranting’s of the maladjusted became serious mainstream scholarship—and what’s worse; it became cited scholarship, which is spreading like poison to this day. As a result, America became the perfect Marxist oppressor and exploiter, founded on the backs of the African slave, bloodied with the genocidal extermination of Natives, grown through the ruthless greed of Robber Barons at home and through its manifest-destiny military imperialism abroad. Our very founding fathers were forcibly removed from the pedestal on which they had been, and placed in the chair of the accused–as slave-raping, self-serving capitalists who ingrained their chauvinistic gun-toting values in an illegitimate body of White-man’s laws.

Meanwhile, traditional Western learning became disgustingly passé’–Aristotle, Shakespeare, Milton, Gibbons became optional, while the vapid social 3itchings of a new crop of [insert victim group]-studies “scholars” passes as serious work. Bye bye, logic, hello feel-goodism.


The next victim was the American white male, now seen as an embodiment of America’s guilt. Masculine values became caricaturized into “machismo” a boorish vulgarity to be socially avoided and apologized for. Thanks to this, the social rites of passage that turn boys into men have lost their meaning–and boyhood is pushed through adolescence, and adolescence continues almost indefinitely, to the cheers of our popular culture.

Then came the traditional family, seen as a microcosm of the patriarchal oppression that plagued the nation. Women were encouraged to burn their bras (I never understood that one), liberate their bodies, have it all, and if cursed with an offspring, either abort it or “keep it” as a “lifestyle choice.” And now these “lifestyle choices,” are raised by the millions by single mothers, often just barely old enough to function biologically, who have to spend all day working thanks to their newly-found freedom from patriarchal oppression. Hence the vacuous young minds that spends all day playing videogames or fattening themselves on ersatz pap in front of the TV.


Lastly came the plague of multiculturalism, which replaced the melting pot as the new National way. Let’s bring in as many foreign cultures as possible, by as large numbers as we can, until we can actually look forward to a year when European-Americans (the most despised of hyphenated nationals) become the minority—then the 3@stards will know what it feels like.

I could go on and on, but it’s easy to see how this cultural masochism has gone a long way in enervating our spirit, and turning us into a depressed, pessimistic nation that entertains herself away from reality and prefers that others (the government, foreign manufacturers and oil-producers, etc.) to do her heavy lifting–while looking in the mirror and telling herself how noble she is for leaving a small carbon footprint.

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