Wow what an election!‏ by Dan Short


How is it that in Austin we seem to live in some “illusion of reality—or we accept a ‘willing suspension of dis-belief” it is beyond rational reasoning.

Is there anyone who lives in this city that doesn’t realize that this “city” government of socialism is ridiculous? If not, why? How could it be that an organization with the record of what these folks have done; could possibly ever be re-elected? Are the citizens of this city actually that stupid?

As a transplanted northerner, Montanan, I’ve been fascinated with this city since arriving. My first introduction was the absolute insanity of a community that would use the world “weird” as an identifier. What type of mental processing is required to come up with such a ridiculous moniker? Or is it just the test of how many, how much, the culture of “if there’s dope there’s hope!” has infected this society.

How can anyone be elected on this record? I’ll start with the latest and just identify a few.

Let’s give money to the largest corporation that has one of the largest monetary reserves in this nation; tax credits to expand into our community.

Let’s put this into perspective. I’m going to round up or down to make the presentation simpler. We give the company ($4,000,000) million dollars, to expand their footprint into this community by approximately (4,000) four thousand jobs. Now that’s not much of an expense; right? A thousand dollars a job, paid for by whom? Oh that’s right the poor taxpaying suckers that already live here. And by the way, let’s not forget the insanity of the “State of Texas” throwing in, just ($21,000,000) over ten years, but who’s counting? Not to be outdone in this giving away the taxpayers money, the “County” is proposing another ($7,400,000) $7.4 Million dollars over the next 15 years if they hire “economically disadvantaged” locals.

This from the “Austin anti-American Statesman” the city of Austin, estimates that the net benefit of Apple’s new campus in Austin would be $23.2 million over 14 years: less than two-thirds the size of the tax breaks that state and local governments are offering.

Now maybe I’m just a dumb Montana cowboy; but doesn’t it mean when you “invest”—love how our politicians use that world—in any organization, and it isn’t going to even recoup the amount of money you put in it; isn’t that a bit ridiculous? And when people, who are elected officials do something that damn idiotic—should they be returned to office? How in the name of Hades were they re-elected?

Now it isn’t much; look at what we get! Excuse me, what is it we get? Let’s think about this—which seems to be something these politicians don’t do…think—what is it that society receives in benefit?

Well if you have a skill, value that this company would require, and it is an opportunity for improvement, you’d probably be glad. You’d have more opportunity, utilizing the “skills” you paid for, and earned to be employable.

Wait a minute; we have a caveat. The government, county, say—no, no, you can’t hire those who are qualified! What are you some “merit based” company? You have to hire those who have gone through our other boondoggle “our government training programs to create what…indoctrinated socialist? Enough of this rabbit trail, it would be two thousand pages and the “progressives” would want to pass it so they could read it.

But the problem we have is the “amount” of social costs, that government decides that society will take on—as an expense—without even the slightest consideration of recognizing what they must occur.

There isn’t anyone who lives in this nation that should not be able to make a list of the social costs of adding 4,000 jobs to a community. Not only the direct services that must be supplied, but the indirect services that are paid for, we don’t even consider.

The obvious; 4,000 jobs, will probably bring in more people. The possibility that we have 4,000 capable, qualified people—that are not now working—to fill these positions is beyond my reasoning to even contemplate. So we bring in new people.

What do new people in a society require? First little things, like a place to live. We know that the prices in the Austin market are holding somewhat steady—and at high premium values. So what will people do? Probably they will move farther from the expensive houses, out into the hills, requiring they drive to work. Now what is the one thing in Austin we have plenty of? Some will say roads—you’re wrong! The only thing we have plenty of is transportation railroads, in fact we have one too many. If we’d of had people who were not elected—ideologues—this city would have been building new roads to carry the people we now have. So what are we going to do with 4,000 more people? With this group of incompetents, I’ll guess they’ll make another railroad of empty cars—perhaps next to the existing ghost transportation system—while the roads become more and more congested.

As a side note; if you go on the Austin Texas website ( you’ll find some of the most insane government illogical intrusions imaginable. As an example, they have listed; Resident, Business, Development, Government, and Environment as subsets of what they do. Excuse me, aren’t they just supposed to be the government? What are they doing in business? Why does government dictate anything in Development? And what the hell does the environment have to do with anything the government is directed to perform? This is nothing but a Fantasy Land at the highest level of absolute incompetency known to mankind.

Let’s see, the probability that they are all gay, and not have families…what seems to be so many in this community desire…is a little fare fetched. They probably are just a bunch of heterosexuals, with wives, and that dreadful consequence, children; that will require what…oh ya, schools, infrastructure, and in their new homes, police protection, and fire protection, along with more government services. And who gets to pay for them, oh that right, those living here who didn’t get the “MILLIONS” of dollars in tax breaks to be residents. But boy oh boy, your taxes are going through the roof—so next time you get your tax bill; ask yourself, why didn’t I take the time to vote against these idiots?

You see folks, nothing comes from nothing. Someone has to pay the piper for every damn thing we spend money on. Our choices are clear; we make sure that when a company comes into our society, they make their own investment. They are not a corporate ward of the state, or this community. If they do not make a profit, we’ll call them what they should be—a bankrupt company. If they do make a profit—then they are our neighbors, doing what must be done in a capitalist—non socialistic—society where government stays the hell out of areas never in the design of this nation they ever to intrude into.

You’ve made a mistake; now become aware and watch the cost that is to result from you as citizens not doing your “DUTY” to monitor the actions of government—for government is a necessary evil to protect society from society; nothing more.


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