You Never Think It Will Happen Too You

Wednesday morning May 23rd my Beautiful wife of 36 years was viciously attacked by a pit bull [you never think it will happen to you]. The animal control was able to locate the bog and it’s owner. The dog has been picked up, we have police case #, animal control action #, address of dogs owner and the property owner in California, don’t know how to find property manager. The dog has not been vaccinated for rabies.

My wife wrote,  On Wednesday morning 5/23/12 at appx. 9AM, I took my chihuahua mix dog out for his morning walk. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two dogs, a pit bull and a pit bull mix, come through the fence and charge towards us. I reached down to pick up my dog when the pit bull bit my arm. I managed to get my dog and myself inside our house, then went to the emergency room at South Austin Hospital.
My husband, James, called the police. They arrived and called Animal Control. After talking to them, they were able to locate the dogs. The dog that bit me was named ‘Demon’ and we have name/address of owner.  The dog has been quarantined due to not having current rabies vaccinations. The owners live in California, we have the address.
The Animal Control case number is 12-010102, APD case number 12-1440591.

The angels were with me Thank God……they wrapped their wings around me and kept me from getting it worse than it was…..thanx for the prayers…..Chris

Saturday  May 26th.    First day back at work, light duty, animal control is forwarding paper work to DA pushing for up to 5 yrs in jail plus mandatory $10,000 fine due to ‘Lillian’s Law’……and a mandatory $500 no rabies vaccine fine….so far dog shows no symptoms of rabies…the Angels were around Wed am and protected me…..hope the dog does not return to neighborhood.


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2 thoughts on “You Never Think It Will Happen Too You

  1. Laura Pressley

    Dear Pokey,

    Hope she is feeling better and the injuries are healing. All our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Please keep us posted on how everything is going.

    Laura and Leif

  2. Ken Martin

    I’m so sorry to hear of your injuries and thankful the attacking dog shows no signs of rabies despite not having up to date vaccinations. I hope you’re healing quickly.

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