Is America DTD-Down the Drain!‏ by Dan Short


Has this nation reached its end where it is nothing but, as they identify medically; DTD—Down the Drain!

This identifier is interesting; where life is measured in some buffer between now, and an eventual end, without any chance of improvement. Nature will take its course and the end is inevitable.

I’d first heard the comment, then as it was applied to this nation. We are DTD—with no possible way to correct our eventual end.

Though often when reviewing the absolute catastrophe of our current political situation; I’ve often felt somewhat the same. My identifier somewhat different; we are in the whirlpool of despair with an government administration steering not out of harm’s way, but aiming for the center of the danger, while accelerating all of the wrong things—creating the problem—exponentially.

When I hear the current president, I’m in awe of some of his statements. What “willing suspension of dis-belief” does this man have to say what he does? Why is it that now we are exceptional? Or is it we as a nation are only exceptional when it’s an election year? What possible logic—or irrational reasoning—would one have to have to make this statement; “Today, we can say with confidence and pride—the United States is stronger, safer and more respected in the world…” Could there be anything farther from the truth?

If we are so beloved, then explain to me why we are being “extorted” by these nations—using the same template as the National Communist Democratic Party—to “pay the payola” providing economic assistance when we are a bankrupt nation?

Who can possibly make such a statement that other nations respect us? Let’s start our questioning with Pakistan? Are they really admiring this nation? After all we ignored their national sovereignty and “killed” our enemy, but apparently not theirs, by invading their nation? Do other nations not see this absolute fool is nothing but a self-fulfilling disaster but waiting for a place to happen?

So it’s easy to feel downtrodden, in despair, and even what you could call depression when you even become cognitively current on this tragedy in action.

We face a daily darkness, an overcast sky where the gray attack of social change for the worst seems unstoppable. This is magnified whenever we read the news. The headlines scream—the Euro is facing its doom; while the nations of Europe in some DTD do nothing to change the course, or seem in cognitive of the reality.

Our congress, with a nation debt, recognized of $17 Trillion, and unrecognized debt of over $100 Trillion…no one knows…are wondering if we should allow some United Nations Entity control of our internet! Do they allow dope smoking on the floor of congress and the senate is only what I can imagine lead to such insanity?

Our nation’s philosophy of design is under attack by the cultural communism of this elected cell now residing in the white house, and the cabinet. Wishing to replace it with what they know not; only following the design of the “Frankfort School” and “Antonio Gramsci” to destroy a “Christian, capitalistic” nation.

Yet it’s worse than that. Today the headlines read; naked man shot while eating face of another naked man. Is this not insanity; this is a breakdown of the very civilization of our society.

One wonders if there is no future, insanity seems common, while with the implicit press determined to destroy this nation’s concepts, the ideal of truth are absent.

Yet we have some experiences that part the clouds. Allowing not only a ray of sunshine, but renewed hope to warm our inundated spirit, to provide something of wonder, a view of the future we so desperately need.

I find it so odd that those who want naught but this nation’s demise so easily dismiss the efforts of the grass root movement of the TEA Party. It is in these small meetings, these TEA Party conclaves where those politicians who share the wonder of the miracle of this nation gather.

We should all take off our hats in gratitude. For it is they who are fighting the fight—attacking the beast—and are dedicated to place their effort to convince others to elect them to office. It is only by electing those who are knowledgeable, and compassionate in their love of this nation that gives us even the remotest chance of preserving its wonder.

We are but a small minority. We are those who see the obvious in a world where the DTD dangers are all around us. Yet, are we doing our share? Are you talking to your family? Are you educating your friends, your associates? Have you invited someone you do not know to a meeting of those with the only desire to preserve this nation? What have you done? Can you at least ask yourself that?

There are no easy paths to preserve this nation. We have been on a downward slope since the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. We’ve been inundated by the application of Keynesian designed fiscal and monetary policy to advance socialism exponentially in this nation. We’ve been exposed to the absolute anti-American policies of Lyndon Johnson. The insanity of Richard Nixon who in some universal desire of world politician, forgot he was the president of this nation. Now we are being destroyed by that enemy identified in the oath of office taken by all government employees, from enemies external and internal.

Find that candidate who is an American. One who stands and believes in the ideals of this nation’s wonder. And dedicate your efforts to insure this nation has those leaders of tomorrow for America, not some political party.

Today is a great day to make such a resolve. For on this day we honor those who not only had resolve, they gave their last full measure of devotion to that cause of preserving this nation—its wonder, its unique concepts, its heritage, and its miracle of governance.

Can we ask less of ourselves? Should we not honor their memory by in whatever way we can, insuring that the measure of devotion they gave was not in vain? That this nation, under God, shall have a déjà vu, remembering our wonder, our heritage, and our miracle—and that this great experiment of government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth—on our watch.

Dan Short

As long as the industrious, the achievers, the producers of our society are rewarded for their effort; the dementia of Obama’s egalitarianism will never exist in this nation.

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