Rajiv Shah: Supporting Inventors and Researchers


More of my Latin American Studies. Why do I like this, spending tax money in this way. It’s called “Soft Power”. When you watch the news on TV and film showing some problem comes on, earth quake or fire or bombing, in a foreign country look at the ambulance, it used to always be a Ford or GM maybe a Dodge  that’s one example of Soft Power. Now those Ford GM and Dodges are few and far between.

Needless to say the Chines are getting very good at Soft Power, in Latin America and Africa where they seem to have medical staff in damn near all the hospitals. I think I’ll start posting examples of Chines Soft Power.

Here’s a few from Costa Rico. First Costa Rico throws Taiwan under the buss.



And they are rewarded. “Diplomatic Relations Between China and Costa Rica, Five Years Later”



Part of there reward “First Patrol Cars, Now Patrolmen: China Offers Academy to Costa Rica”



Yes there all good friends now. “Costa Rica and China Fortify Bilateral Cooperation through Science and Technology”



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