Cecil Bell Jr. posted this in Texas State Rifle Association

Cecil Bell Jr is the incoming State Rep for HD 3 serving Montgomery an Waller Counties.

I am a law abiding American citizen. Disarming me will never make you safer (it could make both of us victims) and taking guns away from law abiding American citizens will never make society safer. The real result of the current push for gun control is to make all American citizens the victim. Don’t buy the rhetoric. Research it for yourself and see what really happens when populations are disarmed. Hitler did it but more recently the citizens of Australia where their violent crime rates have skyrocketed with youth and the elderly seeing the highest increases. Now Obama wants to disarm law abiding American citizens. As Americans we have to open our eyes and see the cost and consequence of allowing the federal government to use tragedy to manipulate our rights and our freedoms. Tragedies like CT should put us on our knees in prayer. Prayers for those families who lost loved ones and prayers that we would open our eyes as a nation to the generational consequences of promoting a godless society where immorality is portrayed as humor and our laws and our national conduct devalue human life while aggressively and publicly protecting the preservation of subspecies like sand dune lizards and the occasional plant. What we need is a return to the morality of a godly nation where we teach our children that human life has value. What we are seeing is the byproduct of raising children in a culture that openly rejects God and constantly expands humanism. Call your Congressman and your Senators and tell them you are not duped. Tell them the 2nd Amendment guarantees your right to have and bear arms. Tell them you know the truth held in the history of those nations whose law abiding populations have been disarmed which put to lie the notion that disarming law abiding citizens makes for a safer society. Bottom line; Demand that Washington stay out of legislating around our Constitutional rights. Keep your guns and remember… Criminals don’t abide by our laws anyway. Pray for our nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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2 thoughts on “Cecil Bell Jr. posted this in Texas State Rifle Association

  1. POKEY

    This is very good and I have to agree and add with the coming battles we will all have to do our part and more. Don’t just call your senators and congressman write them letters [better then e-mails] and by all means join and contribute to the Texas State Rifle Association.

  2. LAURA lee Davis

    Thank you Rep. Bell for having to courage to go on record as a supporter of Texans right to bear arms. We stand with you and pray for our nation.

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