One who would not “fundamentally transform.”‏ by Dan Short

In an era where the society of this nation has proven more adapt to “fundamentally transforming” this nation—than its preservation—is it any wonder that we forget our American heroes while being led by the most despicable reprobate elected by an illiterate, and ignorant citizenry.

The ideals of Nathan Hale, who gave his ultimate wealth—life; “I have but one life to lose for my country”—for the philosophical concepts of the greatest form of government ever from the mind of mankind are not part of our society today. Instead we have a government, and an attitude of the communist dementia—what can the government, steal from others in the name of government, through taxation, or worst yet, borrow in the citizens name—and give to me. This is a tragedy with logic that all rational men should find distaining. Nothing but a mirrored image of not men, but that of parasites, without principles, mores, morals, and certainly without the theology of a true religion—the exact identification of what Montesquieu described as non-civilized.

So we should every now and then be reminded that there are those who do believe in this nation—even when this nation’s government by their actions proves time and time again they are unworthy of that commitment.

It was well recognized that Martha Raye endured less comfort and more danger than any other Vietnam entertainer.

Don’t let the sun go down without reading this about Martha Raye.

The most unforgivable oversight of TV is that her shows were not taped.

I was unaware of her credentials or where she is buried.

Somehow I just can’t see Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson doing what this woman (and the other USO women, including Ann Margaret & Joey Heatherton) did for our troops in past wars.

Most of the old time entertainers were made of a lot sterner stuff than today’s crop of activists bland whiners.

The following is from an Army Aviator who takes a trip down memory lane:

“It was just before Thanksgiving ’67 and we were ferrying dead and wounded from a large GRF west of Pleiku. We had run out of body bags by noon, so the Hook (CH-47 CHINOOK) was pretty rough in the back.   

All of a sudden, we heard a ‘take-charge’ woman’s voice in the rear.   

There was the singer and actress, Martha Raye, with a SF (Special Forces) beret and jungle fatigues, with subdued markings, helping the wounded into the Chinook, and carrying the dead aboard.  

‘Maggie’ had been visiting her SF ‘heroes’ out ‘west’. 

We took off, short of fuel, and headed to the USAF hospital pad at Pleiku.  

As we all started unloading our sad pax’s, a ‘Smart Mouth’ USAF Captain said to Martha…. “Ms Ray, with all these dead and wounded to process, there would not be time for your show!” 

To all of our surprise, she pulled on her right collar and said ……”Captain, see this eagle?  I am a full ‘Bird’ in the US Army Reserve, and on this is a ‘Caduceus’which means I am a Nurse, with a surgical specialty….now, take me to your wounded!”


He said, “Yes ma’am…. follow me.” 


Several times at the Army Field Hospital in Pleiku, she would ‘cover’ a surgical shift, giving a nurse a well-deserved break. Martha is the only woman buried in the SF (Special Forces) cemetery at Ft Bragg.


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