Article on the Negative Effects of “Cultures”‏ from Professor Bob Green

I think this hit the nail right on the head.
Regarding the recent deadly tragedies in CT and CO schools, Larry Elder (link below) “speaks to truth” with
regard to a major causative factor that is being essentially ignored by the media — the “fatherless culture”
in America.  In so many cases, this flawed family structure has been a precursor to seriously anti-social behavior
perpetrated by young men who have been reared by a single mother, but without a biologically-related male
role model (i.e., the father) in the home.  Too many of these fatherless boys seek out and find their role models
“on the streets;” and that is a recipe for gang involvement, crime, drugs, violence, prison and/or an early death.

I tried to preach this message to our Texas legislators, starting way back in the early 1980’s, when fathers had
virtually no chance of being awarded primary custody of a minor child in a “no-fault” divorce.  Almost every mother
was presumed to be a good mother, but fathers had to prove their “worth” beyond their ability to provide a weekly or
monthly child support check.  “Family” lawyers had (and still do have) a vested financial interest in keeping the
divorce process as adversarial (expensive) as possible, but they never seem to notice that their “advocacy” often
sets the stage for a “culture of violence” down the road — disruptive and violent behavior acted out by angry young
children and men, starved for fatherly guidance, but who were probably told that dad had “abandoned” them and
their mother.  Hey, you’d be angry too!
The government will vigorously enforce court-ordered child support payments and health insurance, etc., but
a private attorney is required to enforce the access/”visitation” provisions in a divorce decree.  Usually, if momma
wants to limit or even prevent access by the father, there is NOT, in the vast majority of cases, enough money
available for dad to fight for it in court…especially if he is not very well off financially or got laid off from his job, etc.
Obviously, without the civilizing influence of an involved father in so many households, our nation has reaped what
these no-fault laws and our courts have sowed.  And, in addition, this whole matter has been made so much worse
by the “culture of illegitimacy” that has now permeated our society…a society where there is no longer any stigma
whatsoever associated with out-of-wedlock births created by “drive-by fornicators” having unprotected sex.
The stark statistics presented by Mr. Elder are both embarrassing and appalling.  And yet, they were about to be
“celebrated” on network TV (before the overwheming protests resulted in the cancellation of “All My Babys’ Mamas”).
Anyway, here’s the link to Mr. Elder’s excellent article.  Now, if only we had a way to make the president, the leftist
snollygosters in Congress and their sycophants in the MSM just cease all of these purely-political attacks on both our
“Creator-endowed” 2nd Amendment rights and firearms that have been designed to LOOK LIKE, but not operate like,
those used by the military.  By blaming inanimate objects for brutal, tragic and sickening violence committed by
psychologically-damaged and resentful young men, they just appear pathetic.

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