Why is being an American bad? by Professor Dan Short.

Daily as an American, I’m inundated by news that with my past education, the cognitive observation of our society and a life time of experience; still can’t understand either the why, or the how this nation came to this conclusion…if it is American, it is bad!

How can anyone sort out the distortion of the daily news—propaganda—we are exposed to? I know I’m dumbfounded, not only at what is deemed to be news, but how it is presented.

Today was a microcosm of that constant pounding of irrational presentations without either merit or priority, and certainly without reason.    

Two stories intertwined struck my fancy, as they were such an example of the absolute distortion of even logical, or cognitive observation one—one would believe—conclude.

The first the horrible moniker by Harry Reid that Sen. Ted Cruz is a schoolyard bully. The reason given, he stands for American principles, and American philosophy, and rejects the ‘go along, to get along’ path that has led the Republican Party to becoming the new Libertarian Party—of insignificance.

Yet what is funny—or tragic, depending on your relativism of observation—is that Harry Reid, in his observation identified the problem. The problem; is that Mr. Cruz won’t play the game; and allow the destruction of this nation without objection. Wow, perhaps we need more Mr. Cruz’s and less Harry Reid’s.    

Let’s look at the ‘reality’ of the facts. In the course of time, there are instances when a ‘hero’ emerges. A hero is someone who appears at the time of crisis, who has a position where he can effect what is occurring, and does what is right. This is not some relativism of individual observation; this is based on reason and fact of the events that any cognitive American can identify.

At our founding, we had a hero. George Washington said; I’ll lead your ragtag, underfed, underequipped, non-trained, un-disciplined army and fight the greatest military force on the face of the earth. He was a hero.

In the 1920’s we had Warren Harding; who said, I’ll be the president and return this nation to ‘normalcy.’ For this nation had been led toward destruction by the insanity of Woodrow Wilson. He was a hero.

You see there are few heroes when we make the measurement of reason, as the foundation of identification.

Now in this nation today, what is the greatest danger to the very existence of this nation? Sadly it is same danger that existed when this nation was created. The intrusion of dictatorial, totalitarian, government—in our case communist designed—to destroy the protections of our philosophical idealism…the Declaration of Independence…and the document of the citizens protection; the Constitution.

We have only one person standing as a hero; to fight this battle. Ted Cruz wields the greatest sword that is feared by both political parties, it is the one thing they abhor for it is the only thing that can penetrate the decay rotten exterior of the destruction the political parties have brought on this nation; resulting in the stinking, sliming puss of the decay of our society being exposed. It is a simple weapon really, one that politicians fear greater than a vampire fears garlic and the cross, greater than an islamic fears reality, greater than a doper fears consciousness. That weapon is held high by Mr. Cruz, and those who he aims his caustic wit against have no defense; for his sword is known as ‘truth.’

Cruz attacks the very disease of our government, the misapplication of circumventing the constitutional design—the fallacy of the idea that being non-principled and compromising is not the American way to our wonder…it is the slippery slope of our demise. Cruz understands if the aka communist Democratic Party proposes it, it is not for this nation; it is for the nihilism and destruction of this nation—while accumulating political capital with those who are as anti-American as the Democratic Party is today.

In our news we are inundated also by, we need to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation—oh, excuse me they used different words; we need to have immigration reform.

Here is the fallacy of such a statement and hopefully Cruz will also use this using that sword of no defense, ‘reason.’

Few in this nation realize that our immigration policy is based on one simple ideology; racism. This is not my hypothesis; it is the fact of reality—if anyone reads the actual mess we have of having a legislated civil policy based specifically on—racism.

Now isn’t that interesting. Have you ever taken the time to acknowledge this reality, or are you content to let the politicians and the American propaganda of the press corps tell you what ‘reality’ as they perceive it, is?

We do not need reform—we need an immigration policy. Here is the problem, what is a policy do for a nation? We are so absolutely ignorant in this nation; we have forgotten what it means to be an American. Is not policy of our government to preserve and protect the constitutional design of this nation? If it is not, why do all government employees and elected officials swear allegiance to this principle?  Is it not the same right for Americans to be true to their idealism, of philosophical reason; as the islamics are allowed, in this nation, to declare they are citizens, while swearing allegiance to their dementia of theocratic psychological psychopathic ideology?         

What was the original immigration policy created for? It was simple really; to preserve the demographics, the mores, the morals, and the religious foundation of the society, the environment, of this nation. Now how does one make a homogeneous population? In the 6,000 years of literacy of man, our only known records of society, there is one and only one fact that is absolute. People, all of mankind, are more homogeneous when surrounded by their own race, and the culture of their foundations. Again this is not some hypothesis, some speculation, some abstract thought—this is the fact of 6,000 years of recorded history.

So what was the foundation of ‘reason’ America’s politicians considered when making immigration policy? Preserve the culture; the philosophical idealism of western man, for it is western man and western man only that through trial and error, wars and political upheaval that ever created a society of principles—that men are equal, and that the role of government is to preserve that equality—treating all men—in the eyes of the law, equal.

To preserve a homogeneous population requires that specific races, specific cultures are kept in balance. Simple really and it was the ‘reason’ for our immigration policy. The result, a nation of people who had as colonies self-ruled for over 200 years remained homogeneous, and civil society existed.

Now what was the answer to correct this problem, proposed not for this nation’s benefit, but for the nihilism to destroy this accidental wonder of a part of a continent where civilization was reaching a pinnacle of enlighten?

The plan was to make sure what was working was changed, and racism of concept unknown to man, the idea of multi-culturalism, diversity, and other social engineering hypothesis, with the assistance of racist immigration policy would make things better. Well you only have to read the newspaper, watch the news or listen to the fact we are now considering a ‘reform’ of a broken policy to realize this was not for our good, it accelerated a design doomed to failure from concept.   

As Americans we must stand for ‘truth’ and ensure that our truth is based on the philosophy of ‘reason.’ For if we forget who we are, what we are, and why we are; then our demise is guaranteed, for if we lose this nation—the civilization of mankind will experience a ‘dark ages’ of despair unknown in human history.

Dan Short

There is no greater ignorance advanced by man than this statement: “We do not talk about religion, politics, or money!”

No wonder Plato warned us; “he who has no interest in politics is condemned to be ruled by inferiors!”

Our present—mea maxima culpa—the greatest mistake, this nation has ever made; electing our current president is the perfect example!


NOTICE:  Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.  They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight and it can happen to ordinary Americans like you and me. You have no recourse nor protection save to vote against any incumbent endorsing such unlawful acts.

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