All day we face…the political waste…without a hint of ‘culture’—cool, clear, ‘culture!’ By Dan Short

The lyrics of the old song ‘Cool, Clear, Water,’ by the ‘Sons of the Pioneers’ seem the perfect backdrop to the political wasteland that this nation has been experiencing for so long; it seems our destiny.

The events of our current experience, the Zimmerman fiasco, the absolute rejection of the Republican Party to represent this nation’s interests, the use of racism as the catalyst for this continuum of the nihilism toward this absolutely wonder of a nation never identified better than by our ‘nation’s father’—George Washington—as nothing but a miracle, inundate us.  

Yet there is a problem and it as if all of these happenings are events that the majority of our society, the citizens of this nation, seems oblivious. 

One of the most absolutely ignorant comments ever made in the political environment was, ‘you didn’t build that!’ As we are inundated with absolute illiteracy of reality from this present administration and government, we just accept it as the dribble of their constant verbal articulation of senseless tripe.

Yet it emphasized the reality of our nation’s ‘relativism’ of reality we are now inundated. It is as if our society…from their illusion of reality…began with government, and from that came the society—the culture—the civilization of this nation. How can this absolute fallacy even be presented without abject objection is beyond rational comprehension? There has never been known in any society, anywhere on this planet, at any time any society that did not begin with the commonality of society. Culture first, resulting in then a government as it is the projection of the requirements; the mores, the morals, and the religion of that society; as identified by Montesquieu so long, long ago.

The why’s of many other societies we will never know? Why is there societies of kings; we speculated because of the law of the jungle, might is right. How do societies begin with the melding of man’s desire for acknowledging a spirit, his religion, interwoven with the society of governance of his society? Yet we find it in many societies we as civilized man today would find uncivilized. The examples are many, the Aztec society of human sacrifice, or the dementia of islamism a society where man’s very existence isn’t even considered, only held in contempt. Yet they exist.    

The course of history of mankind is based on the societies based on more than race, more than environment, but on the foundations of agreement with the society’s standards, the mores, of what that culture would accept…and assimilate.

From these basic foundations came the design of what they, as the citizens, would accept as governance. This exists in every socially stable society known to man even to this day. We do not have to speculate what is required to make a homogeneous society where the apex of social liberty and freedom exist. For we have example after example today on this planet to verify what works; and what is an absolute abject failure. The only problem we as rational man have is when we reject, we refuse to examine, we live in some illusion of relativism…that what we believe is fact…trumps facts based on reality. We apply our emotions of social engineering, our abstract desires, above the facts versus fallacy of some utopia of our illusion. If we but take the reality of fact, the empirical history of man’s journey of existence, the answer is obvious. Societies that retain, a culture of their design, exist as long as that culture remains intact. Those society’s that reject this reality, attempt to create that which is not the culture of the society, fail. They are washed away as flotsam of mistakes and attempts of man that had no base, had no foundation, and were missing the culture of the society to preserve. For it is the culture of mankind that is the sinew holding society together, even when that society makes great mistakes that are often immeasurable.  

It is this wonder of the culture of this nation that created an environment of liberty unknown to mankind. So unique that the result of the culture, designed and created, a government based on the very foundation of natural law of nature’s God. It is a simple foundation…that the liberty of man…is the only requirement that government should provide, through application.

Yet we have forgotten, or have been so dumbed down, in today’s illiteracy, show an absolute ignorance in our society as if we cannot even understand the words we use.

Our culture’s destruction began long ago. The most destructive nail in this nation’s coffin was the passage of the ‘civil rights—racism’ of the bill signed by Lyndon Johnson on ironically July 2nd, in 1964—the same day the our declarative…the Declaration of Independence…was initially signed in 1776.

Now why did this destroy our culture? The answer is in the wording of ideals written in that same Declaration of Independence. For in that independence this nation stated, based on natures law and nature’s God, that all men are created equal. This is fact; it is one of those truths that are self-evident.

Yet this simple wording was completely destroyed by the substitution of the description of ‘equality’ vs. ‘equal.’ All men are created ‘equal’—but that has nothing to do with all men are endowed to exist in some utopic…communist…concept of ‘equality.’ There are no two men, humans, on this earth who are endowed with equality. Our intellect as of all men is different. Our compulsion to accomplish an objective, in all men, is different. Our belief in what direction our lives should take, what we believe in and accept, and the efforts of our family, our society, our environment and what we do individually is different. There are no two men on the face of the earth the same. To believe such would be to accept that a singular identifiable atom, from all the rest, of the hydrogen could be found among all the molecules of water that exist on the surface of this planet.         

Yet in this illusion of using legislation to create this fallacy of equality, not an environment of equal—the whole culture, the whole society was condemned.

The last and most destructive of all nails in the coffin of the American culture was signed into law on Oct. 3 1965 by Lyndon Johnson. That death bill to destroy this nation’s culture, the immigration bill and nationality act of 1965.

Now here is the fallacy of our cultures destruction. The immigration acts initiated in the 20’s were never designed to be based on racism. The bill in 1965 was totally based on racism, and the rational of the bill was—that the immigration bills before were based on racism. This is the greatest fallacy ever sold to the American people; except the concept that Hitler’s Fascism is the diametric of communism, when they are identical, with different application.

The design of the first immigration policies was to do what? Preserve the existing, proven, and developed culture of this nation. Was this decision sensible? Let’s take the reality of every society that has homogeneous social civilization. Every nation with societal harmony has one thing in commonality—they are determined to preserve their culture. We see it in China, in Japan, and in Austria, even the nations of ideology of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and our neighbor to the south, Mexico. Every country that has escaped the problems of attempting to coagulate different cultures, and different ideologies, different theologies, and different theocracies believing that there is a possibility of creating a homogeneous society is—and has been proven—not only impossible, but an adventure into insanity.

So when the tsunami of immigration occurred—the intelligent decision was to insure that those who came to this nation would be of the same social experience of civilization as the English idealism that existed. How do we identify those from those nations with the same culture—we identify those nations with the same history. As such it was the nations of European culture, governance, and history that had the foundations to assimilate into the American experience—as they had the same cultural foundations.  

Were they right? What have we learned by using only racism as the basis of allowing those of cultures not ours into this nation? Think of the reality, in Texas we have whole communities that have been here for multiple generations where English is not spoken. We not only don’t have assimilation, we have the destruction of the educational system in some insanity of advancing illiteracy in two languages. Even our government signs are corrupted in languages other than English. How can we have anything like a homogeneous culture with this scenario?

Yet there is no example of the failure of this insanity of forgetting who we are, and what this nation is, than the allowance of opening the doors of our nation to those of cultures diametrically opposed to our form of philosophical idealism. Those who not only are not of our principles, our foundations, but in the theocracies of their dementia are disdainful of our culture, and our miracle of a society of liberty.

There are none who are of this ideology that can ever be Americans, swearing allegiance to that which they hate. Sadly in their demented ideologies lying to those of our culture is accepted, and honored.

The examples of those who represent this charade are plentiful. The man from Turkey who has lived in this nation for years, an  American citizen, when notified he has not completed his obligation of armed service for Turkey, takes a sabbatical from his American job, in his American society to return to Turkey serving his true nation’s choice obligation. The Chinese who are citizens of this nation, advocates of the economic wonders they have achieved, while only desiring the strength and power of this nation be weakened below the power of China.

Once we have immigrants who came to this nation not for the economic environment, but for the idealism of the philosophy of liberty and protection from government preserving their freedom. We see their names in the rows and rows of tombstones—German names—who died to preserve this nation against the totalitarianism of the communism under the guise of fascism. We find row after row of Japanese names, those who died to preserve this nation from the same totalitarianism. Their names and many others are strewn around this world, as eternal symbols that it is the idealism, the culture of this nation they died for. They did not die for the economics of our society, or the altruism of government entitlement. They died for the preservation of the culture, the principles of this marvelous nation.            

Today the spokesman for most who are immigrants into this nation, who are not here to become Americans, who do not share our ideals, who do not have our tacit beliefs, that this is a nation designed as a wonder; this is our strength, our miracle.

There is no greater example than the statement, taken completely out of context so often said; ‘we are a nation of immigrants.’ That is a fact; we are a nation of those who came to these shores to share in the wonder of this remarkable nation. How ironic that then this statement follows, which is the greatest lie ever—it is our diversity that makes this miracle. This is a lie beyond lies. For the inverse is the truth. It is what this nation, the idealism and philosophy of our wonder, which is the gift this nation gave to the immigrants that is the wonder. It is not what they gave this nation; it is what this nation gave them. For there is nothing outside of the English experience that is America; we are the apex, in our design, of their destiny. Our error is we have forgotten that culture, that harrowing journey to reach where we are.

There is no greater spokesman for far too many who enter this nation than the statement by the Boston bomber. Who when asked how he could swear allegiance to this nation, gaining citizenship, then kill his fellow citizens of this nation answer with the greatest truth ever spoken by any of the islamic ideology; ‘I lied!’

When this nation rejected the ‘League of Nations’ the greatest identifier of this nation was stated by Warren Harding. His simple worlds to the world are the true identifier of the separation of this nation’s culture from all others. ‘We are not of you, and you are not of us!’

That is America. This nation is more than just the shining light on the hill representing liberty. It is the last hope of mankind ever rejecting the slavery of totalitarian sovereignty of government—strangely the exact genesis of this nation’s existence.  We cannot preserve, we cannot survive, we cannot ever be the wonder this nation is, unless the reality, that harsh simple truth is recognized and remembered. ‘We are not of you, and you are not of us!’ when dealing with the world.         

Dan Short

Today in this nation; the government of the United States is currently imposing upon the citizenry ‘slavery’ to an extent unknown in the annals of empirical history known to mankind—while that same citizenry in silent ignorance raises no voice, nor action of rejection. Yet the wonder of this nation—before this intrusion, this assault upon the natural rights of all men— was identified long before this nation’s existence, less we forget; or sadly so few ever comprehended!


Edmund Burke…the people of the colonies are descendants of Englishmen…. They are therefore not only devoted to liberty, but to liberty according to English ideas and on English principles. The people are Protestants… a persuasion not only favourable to liberty, but built upon it….from kindred blood, from similar privileges, and equal protection. These are ties which, though light as air, are as strong as links of iron… keep the idea of their civil rights associated with your government,—they will cling and grapple to you, and no force under heaven will be of power to tear them from their allegiance. But let it be once understood that your government may be one thing and their privileges another, that these two things may exist without any mutual relation,—the cement is gone, the cohesion is loosened, and everything hastens to decay and dissolution. As long as you have the wisdom to keep the sovereign authority of this country as the sanctuary of liberty, the sacred temple consecrated to our common faith, wherever the chosen race and sons of England worship freedom, they will turn their faces towards you. The more they multiply, the more friends you will have;  the more ardently they love liberty, the more perfect will be their obedience. Slavery they can have anywhere. It is a weed that grows in every soil.

They may have it from Spain, they may have it from Prussia. But, until you become lost to all feeling of your true interest and your natural dignity, freedom they can have from none but you


NOTICE:  Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.  They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight and it can happen to ordinary Americans like you and me. You have no recourse

nor protection save to vote against any incumbent endorsing such unlawful acts.

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