Who Police the Police – Panama unit

For political reasons a lot of politicians pander to those who think we need more border security. It was a winning issue in this recent election. I have long said I don’t favor spending one more dollar on border security. When I think of more money for border security I think of Black Friday. Instead of customers it’s cops [LE] ready to stampede in to get there share of Home Land Security $$$$. I’m not open borders and I praise the Border Patrol. Untie their hands and get out of their way.
We all know South Texas politics [Democrat] has and is highly corrupt and full of nepotism. This is a long read and reads like a movie script but it was a big case and is a example of nepotism and corruption in South Texas. In environments like South Texas a few bad cops can cause all to look really bad and it creates danger for all.



READ IT HERE  http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/americas-dirtiest-cops-cash-cocaine-texas-hidalgo-county-20150105

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35 thoughts on “Who Police the Police – Panama unit

  1. James Ritter

    I mentioned the corrosive effects of the drug war and posted about the “Panama Unit” be for. Texas Monthly decided to write about them. The Democrat party pretty much controls the valley, including the Sheriffs, and there’s a lot of nepotism, has in the Panama unit. A long list of bad cops from the valley but none like this unit. A long read but worth the time.


  2. Pokey Post author

    How Mexico Cartels Corrupt US Border Agents

    Border Patrol Agent Indicted in Sweeping Drug Probe

    December 31, 2016
    The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border

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