The Trailer Park Show 7-27-2015 With Clint Smith


“It’s Your Money” Is the city spending it the way you want.
*’How our Tax money is being spent!’ as a particular focus for this show and WHAT THE PUBLIC can do about it.

Our guest Clint Smith seems to think something just ain’t quite kosher and he will tell us all about it.
Clint Smith, formerly: Federal Civil Service (1962 – 1982) Washington, D.C., Bureau of Inspections, Dallas/Chicago Regional Investigations Divisions: Member, Executive Staff, U.S. Civil Service Commission, Audit Group Office of Management/Budget. – State/Local Service: San Antonio Housing Authority, Management,; North Carolina State Gov’t, TX Employment Commission. Nonprofits and/or Boards; Family Eldercare, Campaigns for People, Austin Area Human Services Ass’n, Community Action Network, CenTexas ACLU, Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition, CoA Public Safety Task Force, and Charter Review Commission Lincoln University, Pa.’56; Univ. of Pennsylvania Grad School ’57; U.S. Armed Forces (USMC, military police officer), 1957 – 60.

Adella Fernandez

Marilyn Jackson

Gavino Fernandez Jr

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