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Somalia’s al Shabaab takes control of southern port town

As Kenyan troops retreat from Somali towns, fears of insecurity grow


If Somali government officials can access the Gedo region, places under control of Al-Shabaab it suggest to me that the attack on El -Adde Camp is known to elements deep inside Somali Government


Africa: President Kenyatta Urges AU to Boost Amisom Mandate At UN




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  1. Pokey Post author

    Solution to Insecurity in Mombasa

    Narcoterrorism in Africa ?

    “Judases destroys policing”–judases-destroys-policing?trk=mp-reader-card

    Martial law will Tame Kenya’s North

    Who Wants to Kill Oil and Gas Production in East Africa?

    “UN must police Somali Borders”–un-must-police-somali-borders?trk=mp-reader-card

    God I miss the Old wise African Warrior!

    Somalia: Better days ahead for the homeless of Hargeysa

    “Deport them ALL to force Peace !”

    “Criminalizing paraphernalia of Islamist’s terrorism is Smart, I support Fertilizers Amendment Act”

  2. Pokey Post author

    SITREP CONGO: Great Congo War II

    Russia-Africa Ties: Challenges and Opportunities

    Natural Resources: The Endangered Treasure In Africa’s Backyard

    Africa’s Five ‘High 5s’

    Africa: 26th AU Summit – Why Isn’t the AU’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy Working?

  3. Pokey Post author

    Nigeria president warns of Libya ‘time bomb’

    SITREP – Nigeria: The Failing State

    Nigeria Finds a National Crisis in Every Direction It Turns

  4. Pokey Post author

    No silver lining for Somaliland’a 25 years of ‘independence’

    Because we are Corrupt, this is it for me. I will Not Wish to live beyond 60 years

    U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) DeAfricanizing the War on Alshabaab?

    Al Qaeda has launched more than 100 attacks in West Africa in 2016

  5. Pokey Post author

    Soldiers Write Chief of Army Staff Over Illegal Deduction Of their Salaries

    African Union troops in Somalia not paid for six months

    Dozens of Nigerian army officers fired over corruption
    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Five Amisom soldiers arrested over sale of arms

    Still no money for Zimbabwe soldiers

  6. Pokey Post author

    Tom Ogwe Otieno Great piece by @By ANZETSE WERE: “Africa can gain from growing Europe, American insularity..”
    Analysis – Africans denied visas to attend trade meeting in US:-
    Thank you for attendance and participation in this important discussions touching on global trade. Note African participation and representation is inconsequential, it’s only the Chinese who think that Africa is a viable Market. This summit cautions liberals and activists, being fellows “who might be catching feelings’ over the absence of the poor Africans to undermine this trade summit, by allowing themselves to be unruly and to spit out unwarranted personal abuse and make defamatory statements against the Summit.

    The decision to lock out Africans out of the summit has been arrived at after a thorough assessment. Any organization whose agents will engage in strong personal criticism of the decision will be investigated and starved of any future funding. Deviation from points of discussion may lead to the removal of the errant participant and organization from the Trade Summit. [Tongue-in-cheek]

    Africa can gain from growing Europe, American insularity
    SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017–American-insularity/539548-3856122-uyqppe/index.html

    Africans denied visas to attend trade meeting in US By Wilfred Ayaga | Updated Mon, March 20th 2017
    Read more at:

  7. Pokey Post author

    The growing threat of Islamic State in Somalia
    Marco Cochi Friday, 26 May 2017

    Nigeria: Where Is Nnamdi Kanu?
    By Christopher Isiguzo

    How Kenya’s Failure to Contain an Islamist Insurgency is Threatening Regional Prosperity
    Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 15 Issue: 20
    By: Andrew McGregor
    October 27, 2017 05:03 PM

  8. Pokey Post author

    The sex trafficking trail from Nigeria to Europe
    By Arwa Damon, Brent Swails and Brice Laine, CNN
    Updated 5:01 AM ET, Tue December 5, 2017

    By Dr. Barend Prinsloo
    North-West University, South Africa
    RIMA Occasional Papers, Volume 5 (2017), Number 26 (December 2017)

  9. Pokey Post author

    EU invests $20 million to fight poaching, trafficking
    READ IT HERE–20-million-to-fight-poaching-trafficking/2558-4249098-s763buz/index.html

    From my friend Tom Ogwe Otieno
    Well worth the read.
    Collaboration to fight transnational organized crime
    Unlike the EU, Americans nailed it. The Donald Trump administration is on record as having pumped resources to support the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission setting up an apparatus called Transnational Criminal Investigative Unit in fighting graft to the tune of about Sh100 million.
    American invested on addressing some of the challenges that have hampered the war on traffickers, include limited investigation, poor skills, lack of prosecution capacity, and lack of political will, limited information sharing and lack of cooperation between partner agencies – all of which are linked to corruption.

    POSTED 9/12/2017
    Kenya and US in anti-corruption fight partnership

  10. Pokey Post author

    Row brews between Uganda, Chinese firm over sand mining in Lake Victoria
    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2018 11:33

    Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan agree to cooperate on disputed dam
    Source: Xinhua | 2018-01-29 21:18:56 | Editor: huaxia

    Uganda, Egypt Strike Deal On River Nile Transport Highway

  11. Pokey Post author

    Ethiopia: Opposition happy with Federal Govt take control of Jigjiga

    Nigeria: Boko Haram – Army Chief Buratai Spits Fire – Warns Commanders Against Fleeing From Terrorists
    By Samuel Ogundipe

    Court ruling could block China from key US military port in Africa
    by Travis J. Tritten
    | August 02, 2018 10:50 AM

    What Are Russian Military Contractors Doing In The Central African Republic?
    Last Updated: August 02, 2018 13:46 GMT
    Carl Schreck

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