This may be to late to influence Super Tuesday I believe you will find
It interesting to hear the young people Aaron Woodall, James King, Conner Joyce
and there thoughts.
Mark Pulliam was very good to. We made a mistake [don’t say it] in not having Mark on much earlier in this cycle.

SEE THE SHOW HERE   https://youtu.be/Y7V8wn8R_ks

GUEST Aaron Woodall, James King, Conner Joyce & Mark Pulliam.
Aaron Woodall & Conner Joyce are both on a Moot Court team. Southwestern University
Aaron Woodall  Board Member at Austin Pregnancy Resource Center representing students. http://www.austinpregnancyresourcecenter.org/   is currently with the Molly White re-election campaign http://texansformolly.com/
James King is a home school Senior Debater with the Young Speakers of Austin http://ysadebatespeech.wix.com/austin
 He is a conservative lawyer who has written about all of the Texas Supreme Court races on National Review Online and The American Spectator. He also has some opinions about the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. You will want to hear what Mark has to say.
Mauri Gandy, http://jciworldcorp.com/  She is the Widow of Craig Gandy, they produced shows here for years. http://jciworldcorp.com/jciworldnews/archives/

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