Recently Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett began using ‘snippets’ of a Trailer Park Show that aired in November of 2009. The show’s guest was Dr. Donna Campbell, his current opponent for for District 25 US House of Representatives. Several ‘snips’ are on his www.votedoggett.com. Mr. Doggett also has a TV ad running where he uses a ‘snip’ of Dr. Donna Campbell answering a question about the federal Department of Education – the caller asks if she wants to abolish this cabinet level position. Her answer was yes. She also went on to explain why – which Mr. Doggett has OMITTED on his TV ad. Ms. Pokey of the Trailer Park Show gave an ‘editorial comment’ and CHALLENGES MR. LLOYD DOGGETT TO PLAY ALL THE ‘SNIPPETS’ IN THEIR ENTIRE FORM, SO THAT HIS CONSTITUENTS CAN SEE FOR THEMSELVES THE ANSWERS TO ALL THE QUESTIONS SHE ANSWERED AND NOT JUST ‘SNIPPETS’ HE HAS CHOSEN TO CAMPAIGN WITH.

To see more about how Dr. Donna Campbell stands on this issue and others, go to www.drdonnaforcongress.com.

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