Liberals worship government.

Written By Adrian Murray

Liberals worship government. The more of it, the better. To the liberal mind, government is a soft and wooly blanket that protects them from the cruelties and uncertainties of the world. They praise regulation and want more of it, lest some insufficiently regulated aspect of life cause them difficulty or harm. Faith in God is vague and fallible while reliance on law and government is reassuring. If a particular law is deemed inadequate for preserving one’s sense of safety and comfort, it can always be strengthened. Nirvana can be achieved via fiat.

We have seen this most recently with the gun control debate. Any type of regulation, anything, whether or not it would be effective, whether or not it would prevent another tragic shooting, is deemed necessary in order to add another layer to the blanket, to satisfy oneself that government is here to protect. Hence liberal astonishment and anger that their meaningless measures to further regulate access to guns are rejected as unworkable and nonsensical. Workable and sensible don’t seem to be point. Soothing government words of comfort and warmth are all that matters.

We see this again with yesterday’s vote by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union. The liberal mind is perplexed at this. How can it possibly be? The EU represents the ultimate in government, a security blanket spanning an entire continent, comprised of unknown, nameless and faceless bureaucrats whose sole purpose is to regulate, control and protect the daily existence of the hundreds of millions of people subjected to its whims. What could be more perfect? Well, perhaps an entire world government would add the ultimate layer of protection, but until then can we not enjoy the freedom of having our lives regulated by bureaucrats in Brussels?

To lovers of government, this rejection by Great Britain of the warm embrace of soft totalitarianism can only be attributed to one thing: the people voting to leave the EU are brutes, a xenophobic mob of racists and nationalists who reject modernity in hopes of returning to more tribal times of flags and kings. Culture threatens conformity, says the liberal mind. Nonconformity leads to deregulation and chaos.

What the worshippers of Big Government cannot understand, will never understand, is that pride in one’s culture and heritage has been and always will be a vital part of the human condition. Just as individuals will coalesce around a football team or a political party, so too do they crave a sense of national identity and culture, a shared history. That innate desire cannot be regulated away.

The left in America has been doing its level best to deconstruct the American narrative and replace it with a history of shame. National pride cannot be tolerated in a people intended to be subservient to government and who can find pride in a nation drenched in shame? Perhaps we will see emerge from the British people’s brave rejection of the shackles of conformity a reawakening of the notion that the individual reigns superior to the whole, that destiny is preordained not by government but by God and that culture, not law, is the glue that binds nations together.

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