RE: Why….(fill in the blank)

RE: Why….(fill in the blank) By Meme Styles


1. Because….Black folks only control 1.5% of the American wealth. This is why we are not treated them same in justice, career & educational systems as a whole. Yes… there is a direct correlation between economics and collective equality.

2. Because….We were and in some ways still are the first trade commodity. The transatlantic slave trade secured our spot as a permanent underclass, therefore value is not automatically granted to people that look like us.

3. Because …All police officers, even ones who kill innocent people are a vital to the sustained system.

4. Because….We bought into a falsehood of white expectation. We praise the 1st Back …. whatever to consider ourselves overcomers not realizing that that 1st Black … whatever left everyone else behind.

5. Because…We’ve bought into B/S RESPECTABILITY politics that do nothing but disallow us from taking responsibility for our own culture of what should be and should not be acceptable.

6. Because ….We choose to move our politics so FAR LEFT…. that many no longer know what’s RIGHT.

7. Because… Our men have fallen for the teacup …allowing women to take the wheel when they should be driving.

8. Because…We stoped creating businesses that can be passed down to our kids with the opportunity to generate generational wealth.

9. Because … We hold our hands together when approached and don’t look into the eyes of those that oppress. Psychological slavery is real and imprinted into the minds of us all.

10. Because …. We still have the highest rate of abortion. (RME… sure y’all don’t like that)

11. Because ….We are leaving the church… or the church is leaving us…(shout out to the few pastors that are turning this problem around)

12. Because… We are “Strong Independent Black Women”… (we have to be actually SMDH)

13. Because….We don’t understand what REVOLUTIONARY means. S/o to the movements that came before that did. S/o to those that are creating systems aside from the norm that do.

I could go on….but I’m sure I’ve sparked enough debate with the above.

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