It’s about Values

George H. Rodriguez

El Conservador

It’s about Values – Community leaders and city officials gathered last in San Antonio’s eastside last night to express sorrow regarding a 4-year-old black boy who was killed in an apparent gang-related drive-by shooting last Wednesday, July 19.As usual, everyone express frustration about the violence that plagues the black community and the need to stop it.
The result will probably be the creation of more “poverty industry” program, but it’s time to “speak honestly about race and crime”.
Let’s talk about the culture and values that have created the violence and poverty that has become common and almost acceptable among blacks. If there is no value or respect for life, civilized behavior, academic achievement or work, then poverty, dependence and uncivilized behavior result.
It is curious that with all the religious leaders involved in the black community, there doesn’t seem a louder outcry for people to change the culture and their behavior by living the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. Civilized behavior based on Judeo-Christian values could stop most of the problems, including teen pregnancy and delinquency.
Whether it is in San Antonio, Chicago, Atlanta or D.C. violence, crime and poverty is caused mostly caused by low standards of behavior and personal values. Raise the culture and behavior, and the problems will lessen.
El Conservador

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