Rep. King BROKE DOWN On House Floor And Said One Thing Obama Didn’t Want Getting Out


Rep. King BROKE DOWN On House Floor And Said One Thing Obama Didn’t Want Getting Out

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One thought on “Rep. King BROKE DOWN On House Floor And Said One Thing Obama Didn’t Want Getting Out

  1. Pokey Post author

    August 4, 2017 at 3:52 am
    Do not forget that part of the $$$ for Solyndra went to pay of the Obma-whores, you know, those 5 females who all came out and claimed that then, the potential True First Black President, Herman Cain had placed his hands up their skirts, what? 20 years prior to running for President? 3 years after their fabricated claims, it was found that these 5 females all got a nice fat $250K payment and guess where from? Obamas green companies that he bailed out! Funny though, the same thing that happened to Herman Cain happened to Donald Trump except Trump hired one of the best private investigators in the US and thats when Hillary CLinton was on TV stuttering over hearing about this and then the “5” females who claimed that……..wait, …….did they not claim the same exact thing the girls of Obama did? Hands going up their skirts? Hmmmm….. Same story, same liberal pigs….just another generation and oh yeah, these girls recalled this event from 30 years ago and got their inner courage to tel the world that ” The Donald” slid his hand up their skirts way back when……….. Folks, everything Obama did, he got away with. WE knew he was pushing money into George Soros and his bank accounts years ago. IF you want, try looking on You Tube and watch the video of George Soros who was on TV in 2007 saying how he personally was going to prime Barrack Obama for President and that it was his call and the call of a select few others who would be the next US President…. Now, if you think that I am FOS on that then you need to google the video of Benjamin Netanyahu during his interview with Israel TV right after G.W.Bush got out of the G8 Summit meeting in Germany where Israel was not welcomed mind you, anyhow, you see Benjamin and he is asked this question and I quote ” Mister PM, can you tell the people of Israel why all the sudden your friend President Bush from the US, why is it that he decided to souble funding and military support for the final 2 years he is in office? (Benjamin Netanyahu’s Responce) : I was told that the next US President, some guy I ever heard of, a Barrack Obama, is going to be no friend of Israel and that he is trying to make up for the…….”You can then hear some people talking to the PM in Hebrew” and then he says “that is all” and walks away…….The people who were talking to the PM in Hebrew were telling him that he should have never mention Barrack Obama by name and that it was a big mistake for telling the people about him. Mind you folks, this was told to Netanyahu while G.W.Bush was still serving as US President and G.W. Bush told him that Obama would be the next US President…..So, hows that for “conspiracy theories? LOL…. Folks, look, I’m 43 years old, I am married, father of 2, served in the US Marine Corps in interrogation, served as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and then worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs where I turned in 2 RN’s for abuse of a veteran and was then let go during my 1 year probationary period. In other words, my psychological stability is not in question and no, I am not one of those conspiracy theorists. What I am bringing you is somethign each and every one of you who read this can research on your own and still find the facts for. Ask yourself this, how the hell did Bush and Soros know that Barry would be the next US President? IF so, I guess this liberal bigotry and fabrication of Russia being involved in Trump being President is nothing more than a liberal scam because if thats the case, well, Soros and the libtards rigged the election to place Obama in office and we have direct proof that shows this. Maybe, maybe it’s a case of the libtards knowing that Obama has been caught and now they are trying to get an argument point by saying how Trump was elected with the help of Russia due to their messiah, Ayatollah Obama being caught for his illegal terms in office? I don’t know, I’m just posing some questions and saying how it is all “funny’ that we, the American People seem to stumble on facts and truth and yet when we demand action, the libtards simply place blame on the Republican party but!!!! Now that we have a President who is not part of any party and a man who is not playing ball with the elected fools as usual, they are running scared not knowing how to deal with him.

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