Regarding the racial violence in Charlottesville, VA

George H Rodriquez

Regarding the racial violence in Charlottesville, VA, – The Media, Democrats and some Republicans have been quick condemning “the right”, “conservatives”, “whites”, “males” and “Trump”. However, we should review some facts over the past few weeks.

On Sunday, July 31, 2017, MSNBC host Joy Reid was interviewed by the “Pod Save America” podcast and argued the Democratic Party should not try to win over “white” working class Donald Trump voters. California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters wouldn’t rule out the concept of an all-black political party when asked about it on Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. Both Reid and Waters are black females.
In the meantime, “Black Lives Matter” has never truly been confronted by politicians or the Mainstream Media even though they have threatened and disrupted society, and even encouraged the murder of police officers.
Interestingly, no politicians condemned the leftists Anti-Fa protesters who were also involved in the violence in Charlottesville.
Liberalism, militant diversity, and just plain anti-Americanism have caused this great national and social divide which is leading to violence. Instead of emphasizing Americans’ commonalities such as country, history, and cultural integration and assimilation, the Left has divided us and emphasized those difference to separate society and the nation.
Unfortunately, political correctness and affirmative action politics has allowed one-sided racism and sexism to become acceptable. Minority racism and female sexism get overlooked because minorities and women are the “victims.” This political correctness has caused deep division and resentment among most of America’s “silent majority”.
Whether the violence is caused by whites, blacks, Latinos, LGBT, or anyone, all violence must be condemned. The violence in Charlottesville should be condemned, but so should the black-on-black violence Chicago, in Atlanta and elsewhere…by all politicians and by the liberal Media.
In a society where people have self-serving ethics and an adjustable morality, a simple common standard for the rule of law and justice for all citizens becomes difficult. The great question of our time is whether or not America can again become “one nation under God”, or a nation with “liberty and justice for all”.
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