Facing time

From Robert Dartanian Thomas
What have we done? How do we fix this?

“These days I’ve got no patience for middle-class white kids who get all worked up about injustice in an abstract register. Where have they been? I’d spend the night at a black friend’s house and see that there was a qualitative gap between being poor and being black and poor – and not because they had less than my family, but because they were able to negotiate despair with much more grace and poise than us. I knew that the world was racist, not because Mister Jeb down the street would say vile things about black people, but because my black friends sang louder in church and laughed harder at the macabre truth of a system stacked against them. For years I’d watch as every authority figure – from teachers, principals, police and COs – came down harder on my black and brown homeboys, harder than on me, for things we all did together.”

Read it HERE

Or copy and past   https://aeon.co/essays/what-i-learned-about-masculinity-behind-bars-in-texas

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