Obama’s most excellent diplomacy

Obama’s inexperience in foreign policy is obvious,in Latin America it’s just plain shameful,Honduras is one we completely bungled.The Trailer Park Show felt we had to offer the two story’s below has glaring examples,we could have had Hillary even she wouldn’t have bungled things this bad,were long used to not hearing much about politics in Latin America but we always had a up to date diplomatic corp in place and all previous administrations paid attention enough to keep it stable so to speak.I guess what were trying to say is while we always kept Latin America on the back burner until now we always had a cook in The White House
Continuing to Pay No Heed to Latin America

Brazil vs. Venezuela: Proxy conflict in Haiti

December 6th 2010

Let me do a quick edit here for a wikileaks that make a obvious point that mite can help you understand the alarm I see in the crisis developing  in Latin America click here a well written article by OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ contributor to associated press and others.

We may not need another example of Obama’s diplomatic inadequacy but this is one should sound alarm bells all over Washington.

Obama and the OAS Aid Ortega’s Power Grab in Nicaragua

By Jaime Daremblum


This piece written by  Sara Shahriari is another example of the need for U.S. attention in Latin America  this should send alarm bells off through out the hemisphere.

I REALLY LIKE THIS Obama needs to Include Latin America among his Interests

By Jaime Daremblum


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