China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin America

Dr. Sanjay Badri-Maharaj was a Visiting Fellow at IDSA. He is an independent defence analyst and attorney-at-law based in Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a PhD on India’s nuclear weapons programme and an MA from the Department of War Studies, Kings College London. He has served as a consultant to the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security.

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20 thoughts on “China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin America

  1. Pokey Post author

    China’s Presence in Latin America
    Strategies, Aims and Limits
    François Lafargue

    China Is Boosting Ties in Latin America. Trump Should Be Worried
    By Carlos Torres and Randy Woods
    January 2, 2018,

    China’s Military Activity in Latin America

    James Mattis: Latin American countries selling out their sovereignty to Russia, China
    Beijing, Moscow use arms trade, cash reserves to capture influence in South America
    By Martin Arostegui — Special To The Washington Times – – Thursday, August 16, 2018

    Feb 20, 2016, 08:40pm
    China’s Pivot To Latin America: Beijing’s Growing Security Presence In America’s Backyard
    Paul Coyer

    China Sells Arms and Gains Influence in America’s ‘Backyard’
    A commentary by Dan Southerland

    China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin America
    By Allan Nixon
    August 24, 2016

  2. Pokey Post author

    China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin
    23 Jun 2016
    By Sanjay Badri-Maharaj for Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)

    Viva China! US stymied as Beijing extends influence into Latin America
    By TOM HARPER SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 10:55 AM

    Beijing Has Started Giving Latin American Generals ‘Lavish,’ All-Expenses-Paid Trips to China
    FEBRUARY 15, 2018

    Why Is China Selling More Arms in Latin America?
    Date: September 15, 2016
    Author: chinaandlatinamerica

    Arms sales, military exchanges, joint exercises—what exactly are the Chinese
    up to militarily in the hemisphere?
    By Gabriel Marcella 2012

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