Wiki leaks, Hacking and more from the Cyber world.

I’ve wanted to talk about wikileaks but I got information over load but we would like to share some of the articles with you,first there’s STRATFOR at the top of or list,always informative. Another trusted source well worth the read.Let’s throw some more out there,Ambassador Carlos Pascual and then there’s MICHAEL BARAJAS/Valley Morning Star I liked her article,well written and informative with some of what I call level headed annalist.All in all better then this from El Paso Times a respected Texas news paper and Lourdes Cardenas writes often for them,she is obviously left of center and it show’s .             Hell has no furry like a woman scorned, but a Homo denied must be worse. Pfc.Bradly Manning makes Benedick Arnold look like a Cub Scout,all the homos and there far left idiots are circling the wagons for him.It’s amazing how stupid some people are,we have to expect some place like Berkeley to do some thing dumb,after all California is the land of the best fruits and nuts.I don’t know what’s the matter with us,we can’t call a spade a spade,it makes a lot of people sick and tired of all this,it just goes on and on and the left should look out,this last election was nothing compared to whats coming up in 2012,some say that 2012 will be the most  important election we’ve ever had even more important then the election of 1860.And you know it takes a lot to get Pokey railed up and the last thing I wan to do is sound alarmist but we all know there are those out there that are already railed up and I can’t say that I blame them.Not all or supporters but most are and they will be coming at us hot and heavy from now until 2012.A lot have tried to gloss it over like it’s not that big of a deal,it is,the long term damage will be devastating,cyber security needs to be looked at closely and I for one hope heads will roll,and yes some need to die over this but you know that wont happen,when was the last time we executed a traitor,we’ve had plenty [My favorite was the Moscow embassy Marines,probable because of all the sex].The next two years will be interesting.

Update on Wiki leaks more from Stratfor “<a href=””>Taking Stock of WikiLeaks</a> is republished with permission of STRATFOR.”  again making a lot of since and maybe it’s not has bad as I thought

While not related to wiki leaks this piece written by  Sara Shahriari is another example of the need for U.S. attention in Latin America  this should send alarm bells off through out the hemisphere.

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