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Three things stood out. One they made the point that with Obama care there will be a lot more people with health care [Medacare] and a lot fewer places to get it. As we all know the system is over whelmed now and more facilities are opting out of med-a-cade leaving the remaining all ready over whelmed facilities to take on what we already know will be a over whelming number of new clients.

Second the numbers don’t tell the whole story. This is state money only. Things could be worse or better. For instance look at picture #15 of the 42, The office of Governor grants down 56% $178.1 million.  we don’t know how much there total budget is or where it all comes from, we don’t know how much of that department’s budget comes from the state, as opposed to local and federal funding. We don’t have the figures on how much % of these departments and programs budgets come from state funding. Or what kind of budget cuts will be fourth coming at the local and federal level. Am I making any sense here, you know POKEY get’s confused easily. All the missing figures should be in by the next meeting in August

They attempted to stay away from politics  but the rep from Cap-Metro said “Not to be partisan, but we need to pay attention to who we vote for” he went on to suggest that the panel should talk to as many people as possible, there was some light talk of the pending law suits challenging the redistricting but the general consensus is that we will be living with the new districts for now.

I failed to get info on the panel, Sara Eckhart I know some of the others know me. As for action well most the panel were from none profits so I don’t know how we can get in, but I’ll think of some thing.

Some of the programs would seem O K but others make it seem like a cleaned up ACORN group but you’ll have to make up your own mind on that. I would like to hear some comments.

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