Its not what you think part 1

I call this “It’s not what you think” because so many people have these ideas about the border that don’t reflect the reality that we see on the border,I’m not saying it’s good or bad I’m saying “It’s not what you think” I’m saying don’t have preconceived idea’s about the border,come with us and see for yourself.

As many of you know we at the Trailer Park Show have been to the border over 40 times in the last 12 years,we have crossed the border on about half of those trips,we’ve talked with law enforcement on both sides of the border on camera as well as politicians and locals [see Trailer Park Gang on the border] now this doesn’t make us experts but does give us a inside look at the border from a political,environmental,economic and Law enforcement aspect.
I get nervous talking about illegal immigration or what ever you want to call it,it’s not Hispanics I don’t want to offend,it’s my fellow White folks,we have a image problem,we have all been to Tea Party events,how many Hispanics did you see,or Blacks,Republican events do a little better but not much,and we need them now I know were not racist,but some of us can appear to be with out even knowing it,but it’s not really our fault,most simply don’t know any hard working conservative Hispanic

and the Honorable,it makes me very proud of my Hispanic friends on the border when I see that Honor given so enthusiastically for the numerous Veterans amongst them and to the numerous Fallen all most folks see is the far left gangsters and the other undesirable types.
Amongst the Hispanics there is great variety,just like with White people we don’t all agree,they don’t ether,I told a friend there was only one Tejano station in town,he said I was crazy,he didn’t understand the difference between Tejano music and Mexican Music or how that one station was a come back in a desperate industry that was and is losing market share to the Mexican music industry, simple put the Mexican population,legal and illegal, is growing faster then the local Hispanics,and since we appease they simple see no reason to assimilate hence the local’s are caught between a rock and a hard place,with my accidental racist friends and our almost all White Tea Party’s on one side and the Mexicans laughing at them with there growing political and economic influence on the other side it’s just not a good time to be a Tejano.
But all is not lost because most are good decent people with conservative family values and they worry about there children how are susceptible to the propaganda of the Democrats and far left [communist] screaming were all racist and with my accidental racist friend and those IDIOT minute men [more on them when I get back to the border] giving the left ammo you can easily see that for those of us trying to extend a hand of support to conservative Hispanics are facing a up hill battle.
I started out to write about the border and I will in part 2.

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