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I started writing about the border because of my numerous experiences on the border made me a “Connected Expert” . One of my favorite “Intelligence Experts” told how there are two ways of seeing  thing’s, from 3000 feet or 30,000 feet.  Well “Connected Expert” or not I was seeing thing’s from 300 feet.I know what she meant, I can see how it’s all connected, I call it my “Latin American Studies”. With my elementary writing skill’s I’m just not articulate enough  to describe how the border relates on the international view of things, how it’s all connected but it is and it’s very important.

BORDER PAGE STORAGE. In my Latin American Studies my research comes up with lots of information that I feel is relevant to the discussion and wanting to save it until I have time to write about it [which will never happen]. I have been posting on Face Book [CLICK HERE], in reality storing it on face book. So I’m creating this page and I’ll start with  a article I think is the quality I look for   From By Philip Smith Border Land beat   Chronicle Review: Mexico’s Drug War Three Perspectives


John P. Sullivan, From Drug Wars to Criminal Insurgency

Kent Paterson  The Presence of Woman is Advancing in Mexico

Patrick Corcoran   Past Party Connections with Drug Lords Fouls Mexican Candidate

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  1. POKEY

    Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela’s Next President

    Venezuela Election Clashes – April 15, 2013 (raw footage)

    Maduro can not be allowed to steal the election

    Maduro is the real loser in Venezuela

    What Does Maduro’s Victory Mean For Security in Venezuela?

  2. POKEY

    Mexico’s Demographic Challenge

    Thanks Silvio Canto Jr With the potential to be one of the most productive countries in Latin America Venezuela still wallows in the mud and misery of socialism. It is not just the people of Venezuela that suffer but all those in the region including the U.S. who’s lives would benefit from a prosperous productive Venezuela.

    The most glaring and damaging aspects of Obamas diplomatic failures in Latin America Silvio Canto Jr said right here “”Obama’s indifference toward Latin America has allowed China to cut economic deals with the region & permitted Venezuela to get cozy with Iran.””. We will all suffer because of this.

  3. POKEY

    Report Tackles Challenge of Mexico Vigilante Groups

    Political Party Pulls Out of Mexico Elections After Narco Threats

    Reading Between the Lines of the Drug Policy Debate

  4. POKEY

    Conversation: Overlooked Unrest in Venezuela

    Venezuela opposition musters thousands for march despite Carnival holiday

    We should call the “Castro-Chavez” axis in Latin America the new ‘evil empire’

    Could Putin get Cuba back by bailing out the Castro regime again?

    Russia may set up a military base in Nicaragua, and Costa Rica isn’t happy

    Russia-Nicaragua relations

  5. James Ritter

    Mexico Federal Police Intended to Kill CIA Agents in August 2012

    Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Criminalized States in Latin America: An Emerging Tier-One National Security Priority
    Authored by Mr. Douglas Farah.
    August 16, 2012

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