My friend Dan Short found this article The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy by and in Ludwig von Mises Institute and here is what he had to say about it.   You can read the article CLICK HERE


Often in our journey through time, we by some strange fate find “knowledge” from those who see the problems in our society—in such glaring detail—that they can not only identify them; they can actually suggest how to correct what we do.

The preservation of this nation cannot occur without each of us, each voter, understanding the peril this nation faces. If one but sits and identifies the absolute “INCOMPITENCE” of our government, from their directors the political parties, to the house and senate, and sadly the worst offender the executive branch’s interference in attempting to be the “KING” and dictate not the governance, but the economic foundations of our nation through legislation to create some “perfect—in their ideology—world.”

There are so many actions, which have occurred in so many areas that to list them all is difficult. The guarantee of government; to make the problem, then spend money to correct the problem, making greater problems, requiring more and more correction—is an endless journey which has resulted in the reality; this nation’s economic condition may be a death spiral. We are so mismanaged that in order to continue even a pretense of our nation’s governance, requires we on a continuum do those things bringing this nation to its knees. An example; this nation cannot in any way pay the “INTEREST” of the debt on a current basis—without printing fiat money out of thin air…with the illusion of the monetizing of T-bills. We have no money—have no means to get money; and are at the limit of any lending to us.

This article is so factual, and presents the problems, identifying the multitude of federal intrusions into our nation—and the costs of doing it by “federal regulations.” It is not a simple statement, nor is it an easy read; for it is truthful, an analysis through the vortex of time, identifying the senseless problems created by the “socialization” of this nation. One real eye opener, which we should all have known, but we often become oblivious to reality is that the federal government—enforcing the socialistic agenda of our current disgrace—has expanded by 25%. Leaving the bureaucracy, his legacy that must be reversed; as it is the elephant in the room, even in comparison to the “health care” fiasco.

I encourage everyone to take the time to read this article. The highlights, the insights, and the knowledge it will provide only arms you for the “war” we are facing.

Ignorance is our enemy. The longer we remain such, the greater the advancement of those who would destroy us. Please join with me, learn the economic realities of the danger we are in; and prepare yourself to be a protector of our nation—not by acquiescence being as one with those who seek our demise.

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