The peril of what our nation is facing. By Dan Short

To all you Americans who are cognitive of the peril this nation faces—I salute you.

Many in many different mediums ask me why I’m so passionate and driving to drive the point home we must save this nation. It’s simple really—by the actions of the present administration—if we do not capture this nation’s government from those who believe in “cultural communism” as we presently have…our nation is doomed.

There is no way this nation can survive 4 more years of progressive Republicans—or those who believe as nihilist—“cultural communist”—it is their task to destroy this nation.

How anyone can even contemplate that our form of government, with all the errors we’ve made circumventing those very laws, isn’t the only one that will allow a society based on “liberty” and protection of our “freedoms” from intrusive government is a journey into the bizarre.

Today, our future is at a precipice, if we continue the path we are on—the destruction of our Constitutional form of Government—we will fall into the abyss of the most social dementia know to mankind—communism.

There is the answer why I’m so driving that the few who even attempt to understand our nation’s peril—get it right—understand it, so we can reverse our path.

America is the nation of illiteracy; illiterate in politics, in economics, and in both the history of this nation, and the history of the world. It is not an accident, it is by design. If the few—remember if we who are conservative, and who are active in Tea Parties, or other group desiring to preserve our nation—we are but a small spot on the head of a pin drowned out by the illiterate masses indoctrinated by the journalist of cultural communist, our nation’s very press, advocating the changing of our nation to one of the social nightmare of one of the communist doctrines; fascism, socialism, dictator of the proletariat, or worse of all straight communism.

Many in the Austin area have to realize just how ignorant our voting populace is. There was an election with several referendums to change the “Texas State” constitution. For anyone who knows anything about government, the rules of the foundation of the nation, or a state reside in the constitution. Yet with something this important—so many were more worried about watching MTV, smoking grass, or whatever else was more important—that only 5% of the registered voters turned out. Is the tragedy of what we are facing in the nation becoming clearer?

We had our last election for the chief executive in this nation—and what were our choices? We had a “progressive” Republican…advocated by the same journalist who wish this nation’s demise…and one who by his actions is life, and his vocation has only worked in the environment as a ‘cultural communist” with the design of “Saul Alinsky” to use racial nihilism to destroy our government, and our way of life. Is the picture becoming more focused what we are facing?

If this nation does not throw out those who are anti-American, opposed to our nation—we are finished. You don’t have to believe me; it is up to everyone in this nation to learn about the “Frankfort School”; “Cultural Communism”; “Antonio Gramsci”; “Saul Alinsky” and his disciple “Hilary Clinton” and an advocate of his ideology “Owe-Bama”.

Every American must do more than just be a zealot for our preservation—we must be the voice in the wilderness in a nation of the deaf until they hear. For if we don’t…one day we will wake up and the greatest experiment of mankind, men by representative government ruling themselves, will be gone.


About the Author  Let’s see, one good lookin’ guy, with a personality you can’t believe. “Naw, I don’t think you could sell that.

Just say another American, with great concerns that this nation is in peril beyond any danger we ever envisioned.
As a worldwide traveler, and a student of the reality of our nature, the perspective that we have the greatest nation—as George Washington told Lafayette—governance, a miracle of man governing man. As Lincoln so eloquently stated, “a government of the people, by the people, and the one we so easily forget “FOR THE PEOPLE.”
Our only weapon is knowledge, and in my own simple way, my goal is to digest, synthesize and attempt to make the associations between the many complex actions that occur in this nation—with the goal, that by digesting my offerings, it will increase understanding to assist preserving this nation!

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