Did the oceans fall? Did the sun rise? or did perhaps the first step toward our recovery occur?‏ By Dan Short


Did you wake up this Friday morning and wonder if the world had changed? I didn’t; in fact everything looked the same as it was yesterday. In my office when I looked out the front window the sun was raising in the same place, when I walk this morning the overhanging clouds were common for Texas, the humidity was the same, the sun was trying to break through and the people I passed going to work every morning once again passed. It was a day like any other day.

Then I began listening to the news, reading the news on the Internet, and confusion set in. Yesterday they ended the arguments on dealing with the health care bill that had been passed through Congress. There a lot of different opinions about this bill, something perhaps more than socialism; perhaps—communism. While the courts deals with the court case decision that is the greatest affront to the design of this nation since the application of the commerce clause in Wickard vs. Filburn. While some just felt that the presentation in front of the court made it pretty obvious that there were no laws, no precedents, or any designs in our form of government that give away for the government to be the manager of healthcare in this nation.

Now we all look at this case somewhat differently; I personally think by its merits that this case should been thrown out. And they court should have told Congress to get their act together; don’t waste our time with such poor legislation, and before you make something like this read the Constitution before you start.

But that’s not what they’re talking about today. Today I’m hearing the press and the journalists say now it has to go back to Congress to get it right. Get it right? What is there to get right?

Then it dawned on me, have we so accepted socialism in this nation that we have some belief that the only way anything gets done is when the government does it? Is there not an alternative?

I have to go back to the original problem; for those who have forgotten. The initial reason that the government said they were getting involved in healthcare servicing was because of the escalating cost. Which really makes me wonder because we know once the government becomes involved than the cost have to be inefficient based on the fact of government; government by its very definition is inefficient. In reality what was the problem? Was it not the cost of insurance that was rising in order to subsidize the payments that were being made by existing government programs? This is one of those Catch-22’s where the problem created by the government, somehow is thought that if the government gets more control they can cure their initial problem. Where do we have one example that this illogical reasoning has ever worked?

The reality of it is that we have too many of this nation that do not have health insurance. That’s a fact; but are we identifying why that fact exists? I’ve yet to hear anyone in our political environment state this obvious fact. Let’s get rid of the hidden cost of insurance premiums by having the company pay and the employee not recognize that cost, that income must be earned by the employee in whatever endeavor they do to pay that cost. Therefore we need to place the total cost of insurance healthcare cost on the paycheck of the employees, so they understand the basic principle of economics. Then, perhaps, the reality of the marketplace and the little fact that nothing is “FREE” would be obvious.

How do we in this nation ever get past a scenario that is so absurd, there is no point of discussion possible? Think of this statement by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan defended the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare today by arguing the other day “It’s just a boatload of federal money for you to take and spend” and concluding “It doesn’t sound coercive to me.”


How do we possibly even comprehend that we have placed people on the Supreme Court that are more than economic illiterate, they seem to have a complete ignorance in the realities of costs and expenses. In a nation that spends two dollars for every dollar we collect; and have done this on a continuum for quite a while, where does this marvelous wealth come from to pay for these ideological concepts? Is this not just another example of a complete lack of monetary and fiscal acknowledgment of the Congress, the court, and most of all the administration and the bureaucracy they control?

How do we possibly begin to comprehend the leader of the nation who says that no one ever did anything on their own? What is he saying? Is he saying that as man we are born helpless, required nurturing mother, the protection of a family and all the resources available from them in order for us to survive? All this required becoming a productive member of society? Or is he saying it some collective that provides the foundation for any of us to do anything?

I’ve always believed from observation and the facts observed in life, that has shown me that the greatest event that ever occurred in this nation was the idea of public education. In this the concept was that every citizen of this nation would understand how our government works, the religious foundations of this nation, and be able to conform to those ideals becoming a citizen.

I was always enthralled by the idea we needed a civil rights legislation in this nation. What could be greater equality than for every individual to have an education opportunity in order to understand and acclimate to the society in which one lives? There is nothing more than that any individual can ask!

Today there is some idea that it is the role of government to ensure that the academic environment is so deteriorated that it is impossible to turn out people qualify, capable, and knowledgeable to actually be the citizens this nation requires. Instead we are turning out people to be citizens who only have one attribute that is completely unneeded in our society; they are the ones who believe that by their vote they can live, without any responsibility or consideration to those who do the actual tasks. Those who show up for work pay the taxes and by their effort provide the wonder of the greatest nation ever.

In reality if we are going to preserve this nation is one of the areas that must be addressed is the absolute destruction that has occurred in this academic environment. Citizens required knowledge, to vote requires knowledge, to be a productive member of society requires knowledge; the days when subsets of society believe by their very existence is all of the effort they must put in to be a citizen of this nation are a fallacy. It is this bizarre concept that has led to the precipice of the destruction of our economic system, our governance, and has dimmed the light of liberty, shadowed the wonder of opportunity, which is the iconic measurement of our wonder.

No it is not the collective! It is the individual, on an environment teeming with opportunity, with economic rewards for those who do that is the motivation for our society moving forward. This is the wonder of America, opportunity; think of that one little fact, opportunity. If we kill the environment in which dreams materialize the very wonder of this nation—and its future—will be destroyed!


About the Author  Let’s see, one good lookin’ guy, with a personality you can’t believe. “Naw, I don’t think you could sell that.

Just say another American, with great concerns that this nation is in peril beyond any danger we ever envisioned.
As a worldwide traveler, and a student of the reality of our nature, the perspective that we have the greatest nation—as George Washington told Lafayette—governance, a miracle of man governing man. As Lincoln so eloquently stated, “a government of the people, by the people, and the one we so easily forget “FOR THE PEOPLE.”
Our only weapon is knowledge, and in my own simple way, my goal is to digest, synthesize and attempt to make the associations between the many complex actions that occur in this nation—with the goal, that by digesting my offerings, it will increase understanding to assist preserving this nation!

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