Barack Obama’s world by Professor Bob Green


Barack Obama’s world is a utopian fabrication where “reality” is irrelevant. In his socialistic mentality, good intentions are all that matter. The rule of law, a government of the (free) people, for the (free) people, by the (free) people limited by the Constitution’s enumerated powers are all expendable. When a demigod has determined that his fawning sycophants and his damnable opponents desperately need “divine healing” for what he has decided ails them, there are no foes that are not inherently evil…simply by virtue of their opposition to his plans.

In Barack Obama’s world, “reality” is an option; it is enough to imagine that the end result justifies the means, however unlikely to have a positive effect, however refuted, however absurd, and however contradicted by historical experience. It does not matter that all the facts dispute his perception. It does not even matter that his “subjects” are unwilling; and it does not even matter that better solutions that do not violate the individual’s liberty interests are available to him.
In Barack Obama’s world, “liberty” is a construct to pacify the mobs’ craving for freedom. Rights are not from God, who is just a disinterested bystander; no, rights are privileges to be dispensed by, and at the sole discretion of the State. Individuals may exercise license in wanton self indulgence, but any deviation from the paradigm of dependence upon the State is anathema. In this world the bureaucratic “collective” defines who you are; and as the Borg would say, “Resistance is futile!”
In Barack Obama’s world, the Supreme Court is out of bounds if it does not rubber stamp the statutes imposed on the collective by the legislative paramours of the demigod; there are no principles applicable that warrant questioning the byproduct of the rulers of the ethereal spheres, unless of course the Court sees individual freedom as an unalienable right from the actual Creator, in which case, they are “usurpers”… mere “unelected” officials. And he views the possibility that these “unelected” officials might actually override his omniscient prescription is, for him, the ultimate problem…and the ultimate insult.

In Barack Obama’s world, what matters is that his will becomes the people’s will: and when it does not, the machinations of destruction are set into motion. All that came before is expendable.  All that matters now is obedience and submission.
But I, for one, say “NO!” I will not submit to the whims of a narcissist who acting very much like a dictator…because, according to Benjamin Franklin, “Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God.” I will not voluntarily give up my rights by not participating in the political process.  I will continue to vote at every opportunity; and I will attempt to persuade others not to buy what our pretty snake oil salesman is peddling.  To quote the self-explanatory phrase that was scratched on a prison wall during the French Revolution: “Resiste’, Resiste’, Resiste!”

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