Let’s beat up the dead horse some more!‏ by Dan Short


Well folks, I hate to jump on the impossibility of the most illogical, irrational, and insane

comments that have ever been spoken from the office of the presidency, but I can’t resist.

Are there any among us that haven’t had enough already? Who hasn’t said, can this man be more incompetent, is there any possible way he can be show greater failure tomorrow; than we’ve experienced today? If you haven’t reply and let me know why you haven’t?

We are now experiencing our “leader” ( I say that tongue in cheek ) explaining to us what the action known as judicial review really is! It’s sort of contemplating the famous statement of Bill Clinton’s famous answer under oath; “it depends on what your meaning of is—is!” I didn’t even know that Bill was a critical theorist.

What we should all know is that the case of Marbury v. Madison (1803) had this holding: Established the doctrine of judicial review. In the Judiciary Act of 1789, Congress gave the Supreme Court the authority to issue certain judicial writs. The Constitution did not give the Court this power. Because the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, the Court held that any contradictory congressional Act is without force. The ability of federal courts to declare legislative and executive actions unconstitutional is known as judicial review.

Now many of us don’t understand critical theorist. Don’t feel bad; neither do those who spout this crap understand it either. Here is a great example, the definition of critical theory; critical theorists maintain that a primary goal of philosophy is to understand and to help overcome the social structures through which people are dominated and oppressed. Believing that science, like other forms of knowledge, has been used as an instrument of oppression, they caution against a blind faith in scientific progress, arguing that scientific knowledge must not be pursued as an end in itself without reference to the goal of human emancipation.

That becomes quite complicated to understand. It’s simple really, don’t let facts and proven examples influence your “knowledge” on anything. Listen to us, we’ll supply you with the cliques, the mantra, and the dogma to answer any question—the hell with reality. Saul Alinsky also said it pretty concise; “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!” This is the mantra of the current, National Communist Democratic Party.

“JUDICIAL REVIEW” is the responsibility of the “court” to measure and determine if the legislation created by the congress passes one and only one test; is it allowed with the “enumerated” restrictions defined in the “Constitution!” Folks this isn’t rocket science.

I hope you took the time to read the way the Willard vs., Filburn case circumvented the constitution. I also hope you read the follow-up that explained the absolute contradiction between the Willard vs. Filburn case, and the absolute insanity of attempting to use this “precedent” of regulating “inter-state” trade when by this incompetent congress’s own legislation; health insurance cannot be sold across state lines.

Now today, we are hearing this president telling us that the court isn’t elected. Really, why is that? Can he really be so ignorant of our government, our laws, and our foundations to not understand that’s the very purpose of life time appointments to the Supreme Court? Was it not so that they—the Supreme Court—should not be intimidated by the “political” environment applying pressure?

Again, the end justifies the means.

Sorry folks but if you know anyone who with the record of this absolute disgrace that hasn’t figured it out this man is out to destroy the very foundations of this nation; the nihilism of Alinsky, and Gramsci, then you know some who are idiots—there is no way any American should even tolerate the absolute disgrace of this charlatan.

We have only one mission; preserve this nation. If we do not, we shall lose it, and our demise will be our own ignorance!


About the Author  Let’s see, one good lookin’ guy, with a personality you can’t believe. “Naw, I don’t think you could sell that.

Just say another American, with great concerns that this nation is in peril beyond any danger we ever envisioned.
As a worldwide traveler, and a student of the reality of our nature, the perspective that we have the greatest nation—as George Washington told Lafayette—governance, a miracle of man governing man. As Lincoln so eloquently stated, “a government of the people, by the people, and the one we so easily forget “FOR THE PEOPLE.”
Our only weapon is knowledge, and in my own simple way, my goal is to digest, synthesize and attempt to make the associations between the many complex actions that occur in this nation—with the goal, that by digesting my offerings, it will increase understanding to assist preserving this nation!



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