It’s not what you think part 2

I call this “It’s not what you think” because so many people have these ideas about the border that don’t reflect the reality that we see on the border,I’m not saying it’s good or bad I’m saying “It’s not what you think” I’m saying don’t have preconceived idea’s about the border,come with us and see for yourself.

O K so it’s been a few months since I last posted anything,I’ve been compiling tons of stuff and has was so eloquently pointed out in the comment section I have a bad problem trying to link it all together to make the point I’m trying to make which is coming with The Trailer Park Gang to the border is the best way to help.I’m not a trained writer or journalist I’m a truck driver who with some friends knew we were not hearing the whole story from or local news so we started looking for our self’s.We were insulted many times by the main stream media and we liked being called trailer trash so we called our show the Trailer Park Show and maybe I can’t tie it all in I can still post our thought’s on the subject and they are based on our personal experiences on both sides of the border,and you just know a bunch of trailer trash truck drivers know all the best places in Mexico and I can guaranty it aint the Mexico those snob professional journalist know.So with all that said I’ll just post.Our concern is political subversion on the border and in Mexico and for that matter threw out Latin America.

You know Pokey’s always ready with a opinion about the border,pro and con,here’s some thing from the left
You ask any border law enforcement or politician if he or she want’s more money to secure the border and you know what they will say,how much is enough,has long has we keep hiring illegals they will come,and we can’t seem to get stoned enough therefor some one will get U S the dope we want and as long has those two thing remain not only will we continue to face these problems in one form or another but Mexico will continue to be ripe for political subversion as I have written of before.In my opinion the best thing Perry did
Ranger Recon. In September, Gov. Perry launched the Ranger Recon security initiative, which utilizes Ranger Reconnaissance Teams to tap the specialized criminal intelligence

Back to political subversion
Tamaulipas residents

voting on July 4th had fewer alternatives this election year than in the past. Although the state is already essentially a PRI stronghold, holding the governor’s office and most of the city halls in the state, it would seem that the wave of violence has conveniently played into the hands of the PRI at least in Tamaulipas, conveniently eliminating whatever opposition the PAN would have offered.

I was always alarmed by the story’s of growing Muslims community’s through out Latin America including the border and Hugo Chavez is interested in destabilizing Mexico and any where else where he thinks he can cause trouble for the U.S.[like Honduras].The current situation gives him opportunity,I may not know how big a threat he is but I do know he is active,he is openly associating with Hezbollah ,he’s using his Embassy in Mexico City for covert and overt activity.There is Hezbollah on the border but STRATFOR says I don’t need to worry to much “Hezbollah, Radical but Rational”. now this story makes a lot of sense and I have a great respect for STRATFOR however should the situation in the middle east become volatile [sooner or later it will] then these groups could become a real thorn in our back sides.
I do feel the threat to Mexico and the rest of Latin America is intensified by our current administrations lack of experience [to put it mildly] in dealing with Latin American politics,and it is in or national interest.
Of course I have more to say and I have not rambled on about minute men and militias and the hot heads and all the misinformation that riles them up like Los Zetas take over ranches outside Laredo so many actually believed it and still do.I’ll just post this and resume later with part 3

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