Preserve your Bill of Rights–renounce your American citizenship!‏ by Dan Short

You ever find it interesting that some days, something you hear just tickles your funny bone? I had that experience this morning.

Well hang on to your hats folks because here it is; Sen. Barbara boxer, you know the one who worked so hard to be a senator, proposed the bill, that was passed by the Senate which states that if you owe $50,000 in back taxes the government can take away your visa.

Being a Democrat it’s obvious that the Bill of Rights, constitutional protections, or even logic are dismissed in her world of reason. Now the most Americans this would seem absurd. But in the parallel universe of Obama Land anything’s possible.

Yet you can never under estimate the wisdom of the average American citizen. This was commented on a talk show this morning. This man called in with the perfect answer.

It’s simple really; all you have to do is give up your American citizenship. Then you’ll be in the United States as an illegal alien. Then the judicial department of the federal government will ensure that no one could mess around with you moving around in the United States, or over the “unprotected” borders.

You know when you hear something like this; it just makes you realize what an upside down universe America is becoming!

Had the share; it was just so apropos!

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