Has the tea party become a GOP liability?‏ by Dan short



Has the tea party become a GOP liability?

When I read this the question that came to mind was, what is the reference you’re using? Then when I read the article I realized it was one more piece of journalistic propaganda not against Tea Party; but an attack against the ideals of this nation.

In reality though we must admit that the Tea Party as everyone else who’s ever tried to challenge the consolidation of political power of the Democratic-Republican Party of big government is like fighting a dinosaur in the room.

There is a separation in what the objectives are in any political activity. In the National Communist Democratic Party they know exactly what their ideology is; to destroy this nation through nihilism to extinguish the light of liberty for mankind. It’s not complex; in fact it is so simple it requires ignorance to join this cult of absolute political insanity. We can by definition call them insane: for is not the definition of insanity to do this same thing, that historically has resulted in abject failure, with some illusion that when they do it, it will be correct?

Now let’s look at the Tea Party. What was the philosophy when this grass work roots action begin? How many of you remember? What was the thing that initially brought a bunch of independent thinkers together in order to join one organization? Who can say we have not forgotten our beginning?

I don’t know why the term TEA—taxed enough already—became lost almost instantaneously. And who made the conversation of what seemed to be the political points of importance? Was it the tea party addressing taxes? Or did we become absorbed into the rhetoric of the press and journalist—not to also identify the National Socialist Republican Party—in fracturing the resolve and the principles to become involved in political actions that benefited not the fact of taxation but the agenda of the political parties.

Let’s look at how easy it was to use the Tea Party as an instrument in fighting the health insurance legislation Obama! It is a design of another policy that creates fiscal mismanagement. And the energy expended absorbed the Tea Parties activity for the last three years. What has success been? Let’s see this administration has been able to increase the outstanding debt by over $4 trillion dollars. And we sit here in awe of the wondrous presentation of the Republicans the Paul Ryan Bill. The Paul Ryan Bill does nothing to reduce the size of government. It does nothing to even prevent the increase of the size of government. In fact it’s going to increase the federal debt by $1.5 trillion dollars. So why are we in such awe of this wondrous plan? Again it’s government magic of accounting. It has nothing to do with anything positive with dealing with the problem of excessive government as this nation. What it does is to slow down by some miniscule rate the proposed advancement of the Congressional spending in the future.

What’s the one thing we know about Congress? It matters not what they say today because they have the right to do whatever they want to do tomorrow!

Have you ever watched of man thrust the sword into sand and then observed to see if you made a difference. When you withdraw the sword the surface of the sand absorbs the thrust in such a way it’s difficult to even find where it occurred. This is an analogy of what happened to those with the philosophy and the ideals of the TEA—taxed enough already, party when they were elected to Congress.

The sand is the existing Republican Party. Oh there were a few people now in their midst that talked about things like fiscal responsibility. A concept that is unheard of an unknown in the party of the Democratic-Republican Big Government. Where they prefer to follow the guidelines of Senate leader Harry Reid, “our job is to spend money!”


Here is the problem; a socialist government is one that picks winners and losers, provide servicing for all the needs of society from central planning. The Congress of the United States has refuted the concepts of constitutional limited government preferring to be a socialist entity involved in every aspect of every American’s lives. In fact they like to be involved in those illegal in this country, ensuring that they have more governmental protection than even a taxpaying citizen.

Here’s the question: Who can identify one piece of legislation in the last two years when the Republicans have at least had the ability to stop spending that has occurred? I challenge you; I do not think you can find one thing. In fact think of this fiasco that’s occurring in Supreme Court. Is it the Republican Party involved? Are they even advocates of it? Or is it states challenging the federal government’s usurping of powers not authorized in the Constitution?

“It’s no longer viewed as a populist, grassroots organization, but a dangerous group with extremist views that don’t reflect the mainstream values of America’s middle class,” said Democratic media strategist John Lapp. “The Republican establishment allowed the inmates to run the asylum in 2010. And now they’re paying the price electorally.”

I find this absolute remarkable! The tea party though very active has had no success. But the press has used that very activism to identify it as a negative against the “communist” advancement of this nation. That is remarkable.


The idea that Taxed Enough Already missed the point entirely; we have too much government. And we have not made a dent in the expansion or the spending of our national government. Nor made one design to prevent the expansion of government or to reduce spending; in a world of reason this would be easily understood. We lived not in a world of reason. We live in a world that has two basic flaws; too many people personalize the political environment as it relates to them, too many people are perfectly content to remain illiterate and the subject of economics, history, and how the political system works. An example is all of the effort so many Tea Party members made on attempting to understand the Constitution and its restrictive nature. We live in a nation that has centralized government greater than any ever known on the face of the earth. The concepts of the Constitution were declared null and void when the Willard vs. Filburn allowed the government to use the commerce clause to say it can do whatever the hell it wants.

The hallucination that the tea party could affect the Republican Party internally is one of the greatest hallucinations ever believed by so many. This nation is controlled by the political parties. The Democratic-Republican Party of big government has access to the largeness of this nation. And they will not surrender their legalized theft of spending, spending, and spending easily!

It is a sad epitaph that so many with ideals of returning this nation to constitutional government has been so corrupted by the implicitly of the Republican Party. I don’t know how you break that stranglehold. Every party that’s ever tried, every group of people that has ever challenged this insidious vindictive organization that is without a face, unidentifiable, and with objectives that no one knows has been unsuccessful. The people are there for the tea party, they want this nation back, but we’ve yet to find the means to do it.



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